When are Stronghold 24 and 25 going to be released? [ANSWER: Not Announced Yet]

Hi everyone
I have a question, does anybody know when will be available SH at lvl. 24 to build? I have lvl.23 and all my storage buildings are unuprgredable unless SH lvl24. But i can’t build because not available;(((

Sh24 hasn’t been released yet so no one can build it.

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But does anyone know when they are going to realise?

One day next year. 20 chars

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Do you have both two iron and food stores at level 10?
If so. You have to wait and no schedule is known yet.

When will Castle Update to 24 be available?

Nobody knows… In April most likely (if S3 comes out until March).

As soon as it is neccessary to update something or to build new things :slight_smile:

Main thread about discussing the upcoming SH updates:

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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