When an event like christmas?

for when an event like Christmas? the truth is that this event took me when I only had about 2 months playing more or less and I loved it, also for me to reach the phase where they gave a coin epic hero was a real challenge, I had to improve my heroes like crazy and I saw how little by little I could go through phases that I could not previously, hopefully repeat an event of that kind.


Last year at Easter there was a similar event in three difficulties. Inimagine they may re-run that

Bunnies bunnies bunnies! :star_struck:

If you guys give me a Lepus chance, i throw you my wallet.

The bunnies are all for me ofcourse. My name means bunny and my alliance is “down the rabbit hole…”. I rest my case :wink: . Even though I understand the bunnies aren’t very good, I would still put up a bunny team when given the chance, lol

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I think the OP was referring to the Calendar event, with per-day purchases. My guess is the SGG CFO would love to run one of those every month.

Short answer: we don’t know. That calendar event was a first.

Long answer: Many Christian countries have a tradition of an “Advent calendar” to mark off the days leading up to Christmas. There are 25 little doors in the calendar that you open on each day of December, and a little present (e.g. a piece of candy, a coin, a small toy) within. I suspect that the SG devs were giving us our own E&P “Advent calendar”, and so I don’t expect to see it again until next December.

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No, he is talking about a challenge to get through the level that gives you an epic hero coin, definitely not the calender :wink:

Oh, that’s just one of the variants of the Recruits II uncommon quest. That rolls around every six weeks or so. We just had the non-coin variant. The two variants seem to alternate.

The December event had guaranteed coins.

The event with snowman avatar at the end! Was challenging and fun. The monsters had little Santa hats. You got a bundle of crafting materials.

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Exactly I did not refer to the calendar that was also very good! I was referring to the event that gave the end of Santa’s avatar, I’m sorry, my English is scary

It would be fun to see a variation on that challenge for Easter / spring / vernal equinox / Ostara


Your English is beyter than many I talk to where English is their native language

I liked your Advent Calender explanation. :wink:

@Kerridoc I just had a Recruits II uncommon quest - there was no coin at all.

It doesn’t end with a token all the time; only about 50%.

Oh, okay, then I have been lucky with the tokens lately. Thanks for the response! :smiley:

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