When all the flags ran out... ;)

There are situations when all the flags and flasks have already run out. There is nothing to do in the game,you need to kill time. What do you do in such cases?
Do you have anything to add to my list of stupid pastimes?

  1. and again I try to kill the dragon flying over the castle. The attempt fails again. I scold myself for my mediocrity. I sit and wonder why my husband can kill a dragon and I can’t.
  2. I watch the little man in the castle who periodically comes to the citadel, climbs the stairs, goes into the bushes, and leaves after a while … I sit and think: what is he doing there? Definitely, this scoundrel goes there to pee!
  3. I point my finger at the inhabitants of the castle to see if any of them dare not wave back.
  4. I try to see what is written on the stone located in the right corner of the fortress wall. Does it look like a crucified Salamander? Maybe all my failures in the game were due to the fact that the inhabitants of the fortress cursed me for pointing my finger at them?
  5. I discuss with my friends in the Alliance why two little people are constantly leaving the castle somewhere. Are they deserters? In response, I hear jokes that one probably went for toilet paper, and the other for buckwheat.
  6. I continue to study the hero maps to find those who are based on my friends and acquaintances among the heroes. Then I try to convince my friends and acquaintances that they are like these characters … it’s rare to convince …

remark: Don’t think ill of me. I am quite an adequate person. I just want to have a little laugh myself and distract you from the toxic topics. Do not take the above seriously!:upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grin:


I play my f2p alt or i go to forum or visit my spreadsheets or watch e&p YouTube vids or analyze past war stats of myself and teammates and opponents

Or all the above since my attention span blows

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Are you so serious that even in a stupid topic you answer seriously? :wink:

To visit the forum seems to be a good option for a laugh or two.

Apparently, problems with the language do not allow me to formulate my thoughts correctly… I was referring to the silly entertainment in the game itself. Earlier in this list, there was still entertainment to shoot down ducks. But when it became a task, it stopped being fun :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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In addition, the ducks began to fly less often. When the Path of Valor has a task to beat the ducks, they all disappear somewhere. Most likely, they are sitting somewhere in the bushes and are afraid to quack. :duck: :duck: :duck:

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Lol i guess.

For me those things i listed are fun and well stupid lol

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Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t understand sarcasm! Now I get it! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Lol I’ll see myself out

Good thread though and thanks for the distraction



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