When All Around is Burning - A Verse for Friends and Allies

Hi Folks,

Debate has been intense this week, especially around @Avicious thread.

Here’s a verse to remind us that despite lousy loot and bad boards, our community is a source of great value:

A mighty throng assembles
They came from far and wide
For a loot chest stands amongst them
And it’s fate they must decide!

Old alliances are ignored
The elements stand apart
For despite their shared endeavour
There’s prejudice at their heart

First comes the voice of Ares
‘I claim this loot for Fire!’
‘Our might is undeniable
If you refute it, you’re a liar!’

‘Do not make haste’, speaks Guinevere,
‘We have but barely started,
Some have travelled from far off lands,
And I am but seven days departed!’

‘Oh hark at her!’ says Renfeld
And he mutters words obscene
‘It is the Dark who are called upon
To despell the Word of the Queen!’

‘Friends, friends!’, urges Melendor,
‘We do not need to quarrel’
‘Quiet, Wrinkly’, comes a reply
That might have come from Boril.

And all around the hub-bub rises almost to a fever.
All that’s needed to ignite a fight
Is a the shortest kind of lever…

And then at once it all goes wrong,
Colen stumbles in the throng
All off guard, his fireball shoots
And sets alight Horghall’s roots

The mighty tree-man thrashes round
And knocks Zeline down on the ground
On her back and feeling mean,
She exposes the power Flash of Green.

The melé is then in full swing
Fists and swords and flapping wings
Athena slips on Wu’s Banana, Gormek gets sniped at by Liana
Justice’ hat is snagged in vines
Orcs and Elves form battle lines.
The loot chest sits there, cast aside, while heroes battle far and wide…

“SILENCE!” comes a mighty roar
And suddenly it’s still.
The Dark Lord walks into the ring
The air takes on a chill…

“Listen up, heroes all,
If that title you hold dear”
The real treasure stands before you.
It is your friends right here.

“Despite your frequent bickering,
I envy your mutual love
Each element must work together
Like clockwork, hand in glove.”

An embarrassed silence falls
Then a ‘sorry’ through the pause
Finally there’s handshakes, hugs
And a small round of applause

Differences forgotten
The heroes all depart

The loot chest quietly carried off
By that cunning Lord of Dark!


Another masterwork by the Royal Bard of Corellia


If I ever publish an anthology, I’ll put your kind compliments all over the cover :grin:


@Avicious is the true hero of this game. He gives and gives and then gives some more. He is the Quiet Hero who never fails in courtesy and respect.
Thank you dear Bard for your recognition.


Great work, @JonahTheBard!


This is what makes a great community. Thanks a lot for this post @JonahTheBard and @Azure thanks for your such flattering comments :slight_smile:

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