When a Titan Attacks

In the world of Empires and Puzzles, alliances have grouped together to hunt down the elegant, monstrous creatures known as titans.

Together we travel with our group of heroes to the Titan’s lair; to hunt down the fearsome creature… the journey is treacherous, but it is a much more welcome experience than…

When the Titans attack.

When the titans attack, it is no longer safe to leave our city walls to pursue adventure in the World Map. Every few hours, some of our recruits are snatched up and eaten. Some of the creatures destroy some of our stockpiled food or iron, or slow down production at our mines or Farms.

Of course, defending your home turf does offer some benefits.

Each kingdom can focus on upgrading some aspect of their kingdom’s defenses.

We chose to build our walls higher, decreasing the negative effect the Titans have on our production, and increasing our heroes defense by up to 25% in their battle with the Titan.

I’ve heard that other kingdoms focused on building large ballista, which fire magical bolts at the creatures every few rounds.

Some kingdoms have worked on developing invisibility tonics for their heroes, both so they can sneak out to explore the world, and so they can perform a sneak attack on the attacking Titan. I consider this the most basic defense strategy - surely even a newly developing kingdom would have access to this technology.

One day we aspire to build a Titan recovery team which could help us to gather more resources from a fallen Titan attacker.

Hopefully… these attacks will remain rare. But as we continue to hunt these creatures, I believe it is inevitable that they begin to hunt us in return. I only hope our forces will be strong enough to win the day and prevent further loss of life and property…

UI changes to add effect depending on color of attacking Titan:
Fire border for red, mild dark screen tint.
Purple flames wirhbscreen tint for purple
Frozen border with cold blue hue.
Poison border at the bottom with poison bubbles floating up and green yellow hue
Searing yellow flames with slightly increased brightness

Ideally music and SX changes as well. (Cold wind with slow music for blue would be awesome!)

I think… there are a lot of options for how this COULD impact a kingdom and an alliance. And I imagine it would rotate much like the rare titans.

I would expect the rewards would be better for these guys, maybe somewhere between rare titans and elemental chests ideally.

I think that they should stick around attacking until they’re killed, OR a maximum number of days (3?). I think they should be tougher than the Rare titans, to compensate for the defensive structures (and well, they’re crazy enough to attack. So that says something?)

Why add this?

Adds strategic build options for players. I think players should be able to build all of the options when they have the resources, but may only equip one at a time. Should take about 24 hours to change which option is equipped. The basic option ‘invisibility spell’ or whatever would let players explore the map, and give them a Titan that starts out stunned for 2 turns when attacking.

Adds maybe a sense of “oh crap” when your alliance gets attacked, everyone wants to get rid of if ASAP because recruits are harder to get (they’ll eat 25% of all earned recruits. Would like for there to be some way to eat stockpiled recruits in a TC. Not a crazy amount, but a couple hundred over 3 days might be neat)

In addition, slowed down iron and food production, and WT production would also hopefully help to create a sense of urgency.

The UI changes, loss of production and recruits, and promise of sweet loot would bring an alliance together to gulp down some flasks and take down a rampaging monster…

(Options are vast for all the ways an attacking Titan could impact an alliance or kingdom… I’m trying to keep it simple hah :slight_smile: )


Great narrative, and I like the immersive interactions you describe. I don’t really like the negative effects you propose since many alliances have a titan active 2/3 of the time - so it would be hard for people to play around those negative effects. However, I really like your ideas for new ways to make titan battles much more interesting, which I’ll try to expand upon.

New Building : Armory - Provides access to unique abilities that can only be used in titan battles. As you level the armory, you unlock the ability to research new anti-titan weapons, just like training camps and forges. These abilities work like Enemy Aid is wars - you can only bring ONE ability into a fight, but you decide which one you want in the team selection screen. Each weapon charges passively, like Enemy Aid, but you choose when to activate it once ready. The ability only begins to charge again after being used.

Target Dummies - create 2 target dummies with 1hp and 0 attack as allies. The titan has an equal chance to hit each each hero OR target dummy.
Flack Cannon - reduce titan accuracy by 25% for 4 turns.
Invisibility field - reduce titan accuracy by 100% for 1 turn.
Stunning Ballista - Deal 1000 damage to the titan and stun it.
Poison Ballista - Deal 1 damage to the titan. The titan has -20% BASE attack and defense for the next hit by any member of your alliance.

This would make titan strategy that much more interesting, and reward players for leveling a new building. With the help of these items, the Devs could potentially re-enable 13-14* titans in the future.


I like those proposed things a lot :slight_smile:

And yeah I guess you could add that mechanic without also adding the Titan attacking thing… but I like it :))

Gorgeous world building, friend Duaneski.

I’d love more interest in the stronghold builder aspect - it’s very linear.

A bit of drama and urgency in the castle would certainly charge the atmosphere… it’s all a bit farmville at the moment. The peasants are very relaxed considering the kingdom is on a total-war footing against gargantuan monsters and hordes of malevolent darlings!


Thank you LOL

And I mean it would be rare. So not all the time. But maybe once a month for 2-3 days. I think it would be a blast :smiley:

Another way to get people to participate in these Titan attacks, in addition to what you described:

  • [n]% chance to recover 10% of lost Recruits/Food/Iron with each Titan attack—the chance goes up with each attack (+1.5% per attack)—when Titan is above 50% health. Caps at 15%.

  • When Titan is below 50% health, set 25% chance to recover 15% total lost resources with each attack (doesn’t increase with each attack).

  • When Titan is below 25% health, set 50% chance to recover 20% total lost resources with each attack.

  • When Titan is below 10% health, set 75% chance to recover 25% total lost resources with each attack.

  • Last 5 hitters (not last 5 attacks) recovers 100% resources previously lost to Titan.

  • When Titan is below 25% health, Titan gets the Frienzied buff (+10% resource stealing, +10% damage to defensive buildings, +10% energy regen so special attacks occur more often).

  • Titan loot includes a guaranteed Epic Hero Token exclusive to participants who did more than 30k (or more if this is too low) total damage to Titan. Since the Titan is stronger and sticks around longer, lower level players could obtain that.

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Very cool ideas! I like it!

This would be my only quibble - some folk hit around 2k and other hit multi-hundreds of thousands.

Perhaps a reward for improving your personal best?


@JonahTheBard Aye, that sounds like it would be good. I’m still a bit new to things so I don’t know the average total damage ranging from just starting out to “I’ve been playing this game pretty much since it was released.”

If you have a the time and inclination them Seven Days Departed, the alliance normally in the top spot, post lots of videos including them taking down 10* titans in under half an hour!

Personally, I’ve been playing 5 months and have a moderate 4* team and I’m doing 10-20k to 5* titans.

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Could the cool down timer be better? Finished one battle it escaped. used up all my energy and the next comes in an hour. But I have 2 hrs to get 1 energy back LOL looks like it will escape again.

Every thing you described sounds very interesting and refreshing. I really don’t like the idea of stockpiled TC recruits, food, and items being messed with but like the idea of things taking x amount of time longer to complete. Then again all new features have the good and the bad.