When a rare titan is not defeated


Two questions
1- is the bonus available ?
2- will the next rare be same color again or of next color in the serie ?

Thank you if you have an answer for these existential interrogations !

  1. No
  2. Next in series


Thanks for the reply. But it’s too bad :cry:


Yes you can get the bonus roll. I did on the unicorn it came after the gems and training hero.


Here you go. I thought I had it SS


Great question and surprising answer! :wink:


Next in series?

Do rare titans always come in a color sequence?

If so, what is it? The same sequence for elemental summons?


And gloves too… wow


In order of apparition:
unicorn: blue
rooster: green
gryphon: yellow
harpy: purple
tiger: red


Thanks for posting this - very interesting information… :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello. You can recive nice drop.
Have a nice day