Wheel of Time heroes?

Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan has some pretty amazing heroes in the series who would mix well with your current stable. I for one would be stoked. A hero who can summon wolf minions. Strong women of power who specialize in diverse elements. The women (some at least) already have their colors selected that match with your current elemental use. Blue, green or yellow, red or even dark (the Black ajah).

Mostly starting to play this game has made me go back and start rereading the series which is no small undertaking.

Any other WOT fans out there that would love to see Perrin, Mat, Rand, Egwayne, Nyneave get there groove on? Or for that matter the forsaken or The Dark One? Avienda or the Aiel or an abundance of other options?

I loved that series too. I could see that.


Would love to see this but I believe that copyrights for these characters are pretty expensive, it’s questionable if Harriet would even sell them now when tv show is to start production.

With so many characters it could become game on it’s own with different color Ajah, lore etc. Imagine having Nyneave and her special ‘braid tugging’ :rofl:


Maybe copyrights would better be forgotten here. I got no idea what you are talking about, so this series could use some free publicity. Both sides could benefit from that. Just hope the characters are more season I style… I’m getting a bit tired of freak swamp monsters, Santa’s gang and so on… I mean, c’mon! Look at the season one characters. They look great. And their specials too… Especialy the 5* pentagrams… And Azlar’s fire… I swear I can feel the heat! Then in S II we get Danzaburo, Namahage, Agwe and some other freaks… But Santa’s gang is the cherry on top! Mother north is battling whit a pot and a wooden spoon and the other two trow gift boxes… At least the easter bunnies were dressed for combat… What’s next? Battle lambs? Beeeehheeee!


Who wouldn’t fight a Myrddraal hero/boss?

I get ya, and I wish it was that easy but with companies like this copyrights are really important. This is why we see familiar literature characters in Avalon and Grimforest and upcoming Wonderland - it’s because the rights for these characters are free.
The franchise is far from unknown, Amazon is working currently on tv show so it’s popularity will only rise (if they do it properly) but the characters would be good fit for the setting of the game - just google Wheel of Time art and you will see :wink:

But the hero concept the game puts out since season 2 is pretty ridiculous, I couldn’t agree more on that!

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From an NPC standpoint this would be awesome. Trollocs, Myrdal, Dragkar etc… love it!

Agree 100% Gettingbworse not better

I’m sure this idea would like to @Aviendha :slight_smile:

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Nynaeve would be an amazing healer of course. Yellow Ajah… so a Holy hero? Maybe she could dethrone Guinevere :stuck_out_tongue:

Or Viv??? Heal the lowest hp hero 100%?

oh yeah! Go Nynaeve!

This is probably not likely because the series is not well-known, and there would be copyright issues. But it’s a lot of fun.

Mat’s skill would be a buff. Maybe boosting the effectiveness of special skills? Healing would be 5% more effective, attacks would cause 5% more damage…?

Egwene would be related to Dreaming, so maybe she predicts the future. Her skill gives allies a chance to dodge attacks.

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