🎲 Wheel of Supposition - Guess the Result based on the beginning Board

I’m stealing this from @JonahTheBard bard because I felt like it…(albeit my username may not have the staying power to be as successful as if JB started this thread).

Whole point is to post your initial board to a raid/war attack/ PvE flag/etc. and forum goers guess what the end result will be (guessing final standing attack team for bonus points). First correct guess will be next to post (unless they defer).

First board to guess:

:game_die: :male_detective: :female_detective: :game_die:


Just put an emoji in the title. That’s all I do :man_shrugging:t3:


I’m going to say you win…but loose tarmac and fishcakes…

Don’t tell me yet, wait to see if anyone else wants in


That’s a good board, so I’m going with a win, with your whole team left alive, even, ummm… tarmac and fishcakes.


I feel terrible for guessing like this given that beautiful board but I feel like you lose with the opposing Sartana being left alive…


Ok, here’s a case study, but the result will be a bit obvious because of how I phrase the question.

I lost one of these through deliberate poor choices, and won the rematch. Which is the rematch?

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Picture A is the rematch victory and Picture B is the initial squandered opportunity.


Exactly, well done, but it illustrates a point nicely I think. In one, I got a ‘good’ board, and the other ‘bad’ but the conclusion is far from predestined


I am pretty sure all the wrong decisions I’ve posted previously as well as me being a foil to Zephyr has manipulated you to this assumption…

No offense taken.


@JonahTheBard & @zephyr1 are correct on the victory. No one was correct about team left standing. I lost Jabberwock before all was said and done.

Bard it is your turn.


The games a-foot.


I lost this one quite badly. I was one tile away from killing lunch, but he healed and debuffed. It was pretty one way after that - Viv died early, so no chance to rally.

@voidstrike - don’t tap here :point_up_2:

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…Dang it bard…don’t answer in the same post…you know I can’t resist clicking blurred out post…


It’s almost bedtime and I didn’t want to forget it.


Bah… boards are rigged… Elvis is alive… the Mary Celeste was a CIA cover up…


While the new melendor costume hasn’t got the same attention that Rigard has, I like it and although I’ve defended gadeirus through thick and thin… he’s probably going to get stripped of emblems


Nice recovery… because the board was so bad that once cleared lots of green (should) appear. I guessed Lianna to survive tho.

That’s the biggest disadvantage with Aegir imho…he doesn’t punish a bad board so much as you can trigger him twice without it making a difference.

And this team has three great defenders with MoNo and kunch too…but maybe one more hitter would be a better balance?

I did take at least 3 GM hits, but fortunately Elena and Mel provide 250 HoT.

So everyone survived and even horghall did his job of sucking up punches.

Much though I love GM I always like a striker as well

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