WhatTheWhat [21/30] - looking for a merge or some new recruits!

WhatTheWhat - come join us!

We are an active alliance with all types of players from around the world. We are looking for active players who (mostly) don’t want rules or expectations of any kind. We just want to have fun!

We do want players who are active and hit the titan. If you opt in to war, then use your flags - that is our one basic requirement! No expectations of score, defense, spending, heroes, troops, anything.

We have some players who spend and some who don’t, we have some who are quiet and some who like to chat (in game and on discord), we have some newer players and some who have been playing 5+ years, etc.

We are currently hitting 10 star titans. Many of us who opt in to war currently use blue tanks, but whatever other colors are great too. We open legendary in alliance quests.

Newer players are welcome! I joined the alliance when I had been playing less than a year, and many people were very helpful and gave me great advice when I asked. (But no one is going to give you advice unless you want it!)

I am probably missing something, but that is good for now. Check us out and ask questions here or knock if you are interested.


We’re looking for more people. We recently had a few long time member retire, so we have plenty of room. All are welcome. We’re also open to a merge is the situation is right for all parties.

Hope to see you soon!



We are at 17/30 now, and are looking for some new folks to join - merging is also an option if it works out for everyone!

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Hi WhatTheWhat! We are:Rebellious Farts.
We are at 16/30. We hit 10 star titans, and 11 rares. We’d love for you guys to come join us. Only 14 spaces left though. We use all Titan flags and war flags. Discord is available. Hope to see you soon!

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Hey @KingNamron, would you mind giving me your Discord name, or some other means, to reach out and talk about this? We certainly open to seeing if it’s a fit.


EDIT: Also, happy cake day!

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Have you found a merger?

We had a few new people join recently - we are at 21/30 now. We are up to 11 star titans now :smiley: We are always happy to have new active players join us!

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