What's your longest non-3* TC20 streak?

I recently had a 4 hero streak of non-3* out of my TC20 - 3 4* and one 5*:

Little John
Li Xiu

Which got me wondering - what have your longest streaks been? I feel 4 in a row is something quite rare :slight_smile:

4 in a row from 27.6. to 3.7.

TC 20 running since 30.4. …got another 3-in a row and 2 times 2-in a row

out of 178 heroes from TC 20 until now i had 2 streaks of 3 non-3*, but the one of it was a burst streak :smiley:

Have a look at this - for me it is unforgetable how i felt when they come

  • 75 Azlar 5r
  • 76 Horghall 5g
  • 77 Magni 5b

This was the second one

  • 149 Kiril 4b
  • 150 LiXiu 4y
  • 151 Kadilen 5g

I am not logging it but my guess says 1

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April this year till now.

Hi AirHawk.
I assume you did understand it wrong.
The question is NOT how you long you hadn’t had a 4* or 5*, instead it is how long your longest streak of 4* or 5* from TC 20 was

■■■■, those 3 5* in a row :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

1 in a row :frowning: though i’ve been running one TC20 for a while, as i’m using the other 3 TCs for feeders for some key 4s and 5s I pulled recently

Oh read wrong. :sweat_smile:

It was 2x 5* and 4x 4* in a row last year.


At this moment my streak is 2 x 4*

Tonight more heroes will come up, lets see if my streak grows.

Five, on my main, including two 5* in a row. Now I’m at 135 pulls

107 Tiburtus
110 Caedmon
111 Chao

Also was a good one
73 Melendor
74 Li Xiu
75 Hu Tao

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I got 5 twice.

158 Caedmon
159 Sonya
160 Gormek
161 Magni
162 Elena

209 Sonya
210 Chao
211 Sabina
212 Vivica
213 Kelile


I probably had one before, but it has been totally removed from my mind after my 4th Kadilen and 5th Khagan (and still no Magni).

So i will deny until my death that my TC20 is capable of good things :face_with_monocle:

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Mine is 3, it occurred two times:

51/52/53 - Rigard, Gormek, Skittleskull

63/64/65 - Caedmon, Khagan, Elkanen

LOL… my longest non 3* streak? That would be 1.

It’s okay though, I did get two 4* in one week (not back to back, but still nice).

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Lost my streak yesterday after seeing a Prisca in my TC20

So officially my longest streak is 2 x 4*

As some others already got I’m now at 2 x 5* in a row

2019/09/11 Elkanen
2019/09/13 Obakan

still happy. As my (usually) bad luck for summons (except Athena & Atlantis rising) this equals out with my training…around 10% 5* heroes now.

I keep a log of the two TC20s I run simultaneously. Here are some stats:

Longest streak of non-3* heroes: 4 (Boldtusk, Hu Tao, Li Xiu, Skittleskull)

There was a cluster of pulls in which I had NINE 4* heroes and one 5* hero in a stretch of 15 pulls. (It had 8-in-a-row 3* before it, and 7-in-a-row 3* after it.)

I had one instance of back-to-back 5* heroes: Vivica and Horghall on the same day (June 30, 2019). :slight_smile:

Good gaming!

Two - twice:
Wu Kong and Kiril
Just yesterday: Gerard Butler (my first 5* from TC20 to boot) and Kristen Stewart

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