What's your leveling priority for S3 3star/4star heroes?

Who are you currently working on? Who are your prioritizing next?

I’m looking to get Mist and Bjorn done first.


  • Finishing off rigard costume (4/23) then going back to rigard normal (4/1) so I can put emblems on him;
  • After that, Rigard No.2 or bjorn and bjorn x2, or Kageburado (2/59) depending on my trap tool situation (1 left)


  • Joon (4/26)
  • Mist (1/1)
  • Li Xiu (4/38)
  • Kavsir (1/1)


  • I keep getting red feeders but I don’t really have any red heroes I would like to work on. Azlar (2/30) maybe? Or boldtusk x2 (1/40) or Bauchan (2/1) depending on my meat situation.


  • Now comes the tough one. Lots of heroes, lots of dilemmas. I want to finish off Vela (3/35) for my defense team but, I also want to finish my challenge event teams for rare/epic.
  • Grimm (4/59) would probably be priority here.
  • Nordri (1/1) definitely needs to be finished and emblemed before pirates.
  • After that, Sonya (4/52) can be finished, then Grimm (1/1), Gato (3/37), Gato (1/1).


  • Just had 3 new green heroes come in so now it’s a tough call; I’m giving 1-star feeders right now to Telluria (1/18) and 2-star+ feeders to Morgan (3/42) to finish her for defense
  • After teru-chan and morgan, I have Heimdall to work on.
  • Finally, I really should have done this a while ago but didn’t, Melendor’s costume will have to wait until all of those three are finished; which will be months.

My current projects are:





Tiburtus hes 4/60
then i will probably do bjorn

I dont… i could do another 3* red or lancelot or dupe boldtusk up to 3/60 for war choices

I dont have a green project. Id like to pull telluria and become her a project but my next pulls are a week ago (Atlantis)

I could bring gaderius to 3/60 , current at 3/20 but i prefer throw green to vela to speed her up a little bit. I dont plan to max gaderius at the moment, im waiting for hansel, peters or old caedmon to join to little, mel and kash

If we’re talking exclusively about S3 heroes (which is what I thought OP was referring to):

Then my priorities are like this:
Mist #1
Brynhild #1
Nordri #1
Ei-Dunn #1
Kvasir #1
Bjorn #1
By-Ulf #1

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My current levelling projects are:
Red - Elena
Yellow - Mist
Purple - Gafar
Blue - Captain of Diamonds (for the minions)
Green - Elkanen

Followed by (for S3):
Stonecleave, Mireweave, Brynhild and Sumle

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Mist and Stonecleave! Mireweave and Brynhild will have to wait for Fenrir and Heimdall to finish. Because of this illustrious round I fed all the 3* to others… I did 30 pulls altogether and was really lucky! And I am still working on Elkanen and Vela - it will take ages and I do not need more heroes, stupid that I can’t stop pulling :smile:

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Red: Costume Hawkmoon, I get 2x Sumle, but I prefer 2nd Colen if I need this type of heroes. And Ei-Dunn can wait.
Blue: 2nd Sonya is unqued (partially leveled in tier 1), direct switch for Nordri, can not wait to use in my Titan teams, then next microwave (already tried in farming very nice stack undispelled, unremoved and unlimited turn 100% maximum, very crazy), can not wait to use in my raid, tournament and event.
Green: By-Ulf can wait, I choose leveling Telluria 1st.
Yellow: Kvasir
Purple: Bjorn can wait, currently leveling costumed Tibs.

I got all S3 3* heroes, and S3 4* heroes only Sumle and Microwave.
I really hope to get Brynhild and Mist next time. Specially Brynhild for Trial of Survival Quests, as he is the only one healer all of available heroes so far.

Some players already leveled a fully maxed S3 5* team. I just finished my 3* after a few days.

Bjorn seems to be the best 3*.

Autofarm test with the rares:

Now I priorize Mist, Stonecleave, Brynhild and Sumle. Imo Mist is the best S3 4*.


Maxing one of each. I did the 3* first since they are so fast. Currently have each of the 4*'s on second tier.

Mist and Mireweave are the ones I’m most excited to use.


absolutely brynhild because i only get her from pull… :joy::joy::joy:

i think she’s worthy in attack raid.

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Brynhild, mearweave, Nordi, then sumle. :).
No luck on 5* so far on both portals, s2 and s3.