What's your least favorite event in the game?

I can see how some people like it, but just like I don’t like driving a Daewoo on the weekend when I have a Ferrari in the garage I don’t like that event.

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Ninjatower - enemies are too strong, Oni curses and other difficulties makes it impossible for my heroes to reach the top. If you are looking at the number of bombs, harpunes etc. you need and the drawing results the loot is for my opinion too low. I reach a level between 42 and 45 before I have to stop, because even though I have enough 80 5* heroes - they are to weak for the Ninjas. So I save my time and my resources. Good idea to change it into a two month quest. 3 month would be better.

Cheers Reder

Definitely it is the Ninja Tower. It is an event for the diehards. That’s why I like the rewards. I’ll never compete in this, so the only thing I didn’t get is a several emblems.

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The best Event by far… is Ninja Tower!

It challenges you and you can’t beat it like the others… Auto Playing!

You don’t like it because it is challenging and you don’t like challenges and to spend items.

I was one of the ones saying Delete NJ!! It is Awful! I was one of them yes… today I can say it is the best but… Not 50 levels!!! Not 50 Energies for 50 levels… you can’t even fail 1x! But… Why to pass it? For those Prizes? I really don’t care about finishing NJ, prizes don’t make me or others to finish or to try to finish it. To much time consuming that is why I focus on getting 40th Crate and that’s it.

Monthly Events are OK with 15 levels… they are Awful with 10 because everybody can finish them with decent scores… that is why everybody likes them with 10 levels… (And I love the 3rd stage for 1 Energy and 975xp)

The worst today is Valhalla Forever! 500 Energies for 10 Gnomes giving me Nuggets and a pair of Emblems or Food… Where are Valhalla Coins?

Atlantis, I spent 10/12 Flasks (50 energy each) and won around 150 Atlantis coins, so I can do some pulls, not like Valhalla.

Villains and Valhalla Forever get my vote for “The Least Favorite Event” by those reasons.

The ninja tower needs the power level numbers, like every other event.

Depending on how you place you can get 400-600 emblems without absolute top tier performance. You also get a decent shot at a 4* mat in the final chest (I have gotten 1 from 3 so far). Plus a LOT of other random drops which more or less compensate for the items you burn through in the event.

Seems like a pretty reasonable reward to me. Emblems are the true differentiators in team performance in wars and events.

I seem to be the only person who actually likes the emblem, food and high level crafting drops more than coin drops. At end-game you are constantly short of food. You never have enough emblems to upgrade every hero that you want. And at some point you will hit crafting material shortages for tornadoes and timestops which will impact your scores against 14* titans, which in turn impacts your chances of getting 4* mats fom the best souce in the game

Coins… well they give you a faction of a tiny chance at getting a new heo. A nice hail mary when it happens. The othe stuff is a lot more tangible and immediately beneficial

Extend that idea to the monthly events, stop players from replaying an infinite amount of times and see what response you get.

Quite possibly not favourable, although it would make for a much more open “competition”.

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