What's your least favorite event in the game?

What’s your least favorite event in the game?

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My least favorable Event is Mystic Titan…
If you are not in a top 1000 Alliance you dont get decent loot. And its not more entertaining than regular Titan battles.


Fast wars. And we won this one. They still suck.

NT I used minimal resources this time so it didn’t annoy me nearly as much.


Wanna be bit more precise on what your presentation is about.

The Ninja Tower is an epic waste of effort imo.


Pretty much any event that requires a ton of time and resources to complete and doesn’t offer much of anything in terms of loot.

I have never touched Ninja Tower myself, because I already think Tavern of Legends is an epic waste of time… and based on what I’ve heard, NT sounds like it’s just a far more sadistic version of ToL.


I like Ninja Tower and Tavern of Legends a lot. I can use most of my 40+ war ready maxed 4 and 5* heroes. With ToL one can use some additional ten heroes. So you can only compete ig you have a deep bench or roster. The rewards are a little underwhelming but the events are fun. I completed the actual Ninja tower and with some coins from last event I got 197 coins. I will finish better than 50,000 and will get additional 20 Coins at the end of the event. Unfortunately the summons portal will be closed then and i have to wait for two months to summon. It would be more rewarding if the summons portal would be open for an additional hour after the event is finished. As with ToL its comparable with costume chamber, you get the tokens for two free summons if you complete the event, but you get more tokens from mysthic vision or elementary chests. So with costumes chamber its often possible to do up to 4 free summons. If we had this with ToL too the event would be more appreciated by most players.


Sadly, I only have 27 maxed 4’s and 5 maxed 5’s. So far I have burned a few of my weaker 3 stars (cursed) but it is diabolically annoying to play.


I realize some people enjoy those events just for the gameplay… personally, I have already used most of my heroes in wars and on titans and such, and I already know which ones work best for each situation. I don’t do events for the fun of matching tiles. I do them because I need stuff. I need tokens, I need ascension mats, I need emblems, I need crafting mats for battle items. I don’t need 50 levels of tile matching hell where I’m burning 100 battle items in exchange for 2 Dawas. That is literally the last thing I need in this game.


Thank you all for your comments.
I thought I was the only one who hated Ninja Tower. I’ve not played the last two events.
It’s the epitome of “Too much effort for too little reward.”


Last few NTs I used a lot of resources. This one? Bombs and dragon attacks are my most used (and I still have 170+ bombs and 70+ dragon attacks). Happy to use them to burn iron.

Also used some health potions (have 300+) and minor mana potions (200+).

Not a single tornado or time stop.

For that, it’s easily worth the loot I’m getting back, particularly emblems. The tokens are crap, I don’t even pay attention to them.

As for ToL — it’s not hard IMO. Not if you have a team that can hold diamond. Don’t think I use any resources on it other than energy.

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5* Rush Battles tournaments, they are just too unbalanced… even worse if without an element.


I think the majority of the total player base is not particularly fond of Ninja Tower.

Now for me, personally, I actually do like Mythic Titans.
I don’t use any items at all on them, just my heroes (I save my items for alliance titans).
I usually place in at least top 25% for top hit and total hits, and I collect quite a few free emblems for my troubles. That’s worth it IMO. :slightly_smiling_face:
My alliance doesn’t come anywhere close to top 1000, but that’s okay.

I’ve never even attempted NT so I couldn’t say how far I could get without burning battle items. But from what I’ve heard about the loot, I decided it’s not even worth it to try.

I’ve completed ToL fully 3 times without losing one stage, and never ever gotten anything worthwhile in terms of loot. Not worth doing again.

I have plenty of health potions, but I use all my best battle items (mana pots, scrolls, tornadoes etc.) on alliance titans, because I put my team first above all else.

EDIT: and no, I don’t have a team that can easily hold in diamond tier. I am high platinum.


Meu evento menos favorito é das LENDAS. É praticamento impossivel vir algo lá. Deveriam tirar os classicos 3* e 4* e coloca lá herois de eventos e saxionais e da 2 e 3 temporada com chance de pegar


Definitely the Ninja Tower … by far. The time you need to only finish it, is absolutely disproportionate to the outcome.


Rush (war / 5 star raid tournament)

For me some heroes are simply too OP under these rules. One example could be Alfrike in the tank position which is so incredible hard to beat.

What would make rush tournaments fun and more balanced was if the rule was simply “all heroes get 30% faster mana” this would still benefit slower heroes more than faster ones, but making very slow heroes into very fast is just nuts


Ninja Tower, I just played few stages and stopped this time, too battle items consuming thanks tricky curse position and overpowered bosses.



My least favorite event is LEGENDS. It is impossible to see something there. They should remove the 3 * and 4 * classics and put heroes from events and seasonals and from the 2nd and 3rd season with a chance to get it

I agree with you.

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Ninja Tower.