What's your feeder T/C look like?

Show your T/C you use for churning out feeders…


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Just one? That doesn’t seem right. LOL

Well I’m working on getting other T/C up high enough… still a newb

Not gonna duuuuwit…wouldnt be pruuuudent! LOL

I have running 4 TC11 s so it wont be good thing to post. As you have just 1.
Wait for the big guns to ahow off as youve oppened the braging rights with your thread.

I can’t play as much as I like.

I have 4 TC11 with at least 10 days of stored heroes each.

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Yawn… really really big YAWN!!

TC11 is the best ham/recruit deal in the game.

Churning out feeders isn’t pretty or fast but it is necessary. If you have a little patience… that “boredom” will net you 48 feeders daily. for only 48000 food and 96 recruits.

That’s a good deal, right there.

I only ever use TC11, TC2 and TC19. Once I finish feeding all my 5* to max, I’ll kick up TC20 again.



Guess your post was worthless!!!

Wicked Pissah cool!!

I only messed up the collage positions. so delete and re-posted it better.

I’m feeding 5* so I’m having a hard time saving to research my tc20…


LOL. I used nearly all materials to train heroes hence now and then I am forced to do that when I got not rugged cloth, backpacks nor training swords…even started to train legendary again just to get rid of the recruits and food. :dizzy_face:

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