What's your favorite season 2 place to farm? Season 2 Farming Guide? [MASTER]


Oddly enough, HDM’s farming guide recommends S2-10-10 Normal, even though that’s not listed as a province with increased fragments, but the drop rate per flag works out to slightly below 1 per run, so it’s not exactly a shower of them.

My guess is data from provinces 11 and 16 might not be incorporated yet, at least in the version linked there.

Maybe @hotdamnmess can chime in on the status of the farming guide data.


15-8 hard is great for me. Best on loot tickets to burn extra WE and tons of recruits.


15-8 hard best spot that i have unlocked so far


I like 13/7 in advanced mode… try it. I use the ticket to pass it fast. Good luck!!


13-7 Hard Mode… it seems it has the highest drop rate for hardwood, which I always run out…


S2-1-9-Hard best to get Backpack as for me


Hard 18-6 is also a good spot to farm.
A little less of 15-8, but still a good spot for a change.


how many backpacks do you get the most there?


The backpack we cost ratio is a little better in 6 we levels I think.


3 till 5 for 10 Energy


You must try S2 1-7 hard :wink:



Depends on what you are farming for — for recruits, I love S2 6-6. You can autoplay on normal mode and get 10-13 recruits (on hard mode 20-26)


s2-1-9 hard


Before you all discovered Season 2 15-9 normal, what was your favortie resource for recruits?

I stumbled on a Province and level in NORMAL in the early Provinces of Season 2 that gave me around 15 recruits, but I can’t remember what Province and level it was. It was early in Season 2 and I remember thinking that once I 42 world flags, it would make sense for me to spend 6 flags on auto on this level. Now I really want this level since it is too easy for me to blow through 90 loot tickets on 15-9.

Any help here would be nice.


I am so glad to have found 15-9 normal in Season 2, it give me 20 recruits at a time. But I dont have a team strong enough to beat this level on full auto. I typically blow thru loot tickets on this level.

I remember stumbling on to a Province early in season two that was easy to beat with full auto and it coughed up 15 recruits. Before 15-9, this would have been the “IT” place to farm for recruits.

Does anyone remember what this level was in Season 2 and if not has someone stated a Season 2 Farming Guide?


Why farm recruits on an expensive level? Season 1 8/7 gives around 8 to 9 recruits for only 3 energy against 12 for Season 2 15/9…


because I have 42 world flags and I know there is a province and level in season two on normal that gives 15 recruits. I’ve been farming on 15-9 but it takes loot tickets to beat that quickly. The second best farming level would be the one I am talking about. If you know which one I am describing, please post it. Thanks!


I was just wondering if anyone found a really good place to farm in season 2? Mostly for recruits and since season 2 opened up have there been any new Ascension items you can now find by farming?


Have seen a new ascension item.

And have not found a level in S2 I would consider farming unless there was a glaring hole in my inventory that absolutely had to be filled.