Whats your daily E&P routine?

I’m interested to know how people schedule their play time over a normal day and how sneaky we are when we should be doing the more mundane things in life (work, education, being with the family etc). Here’s my starter for 10:

-6am wake up (hangover or not) and wander down for my early brew to check if Ive been whooped overnight. Farm for 30 mins while I eat breakfast. Make a brew (tea) and keep an eye on farming for a while. Act normal in front of the family

  • 9 to 5 - have E&P on constantly through the day (I work from home), farming during zoom meetings. Making an excuse that I can’t go on video to save the bandwidth…reading the forum and watching Mr Spock, Nittany Lion and Dator/UCLA on YouTube…whilst cramming work in in the margins
  • 6pm dinner - generally wandering back to my phone to see what’s happening
  • 8pm+ read/tv/farm…not in that order!

Sound familiar…do you have any quirks…are you a secret E&P player?

I’d like to know



I have already provided an insight into my routine over here. It doesn’t detail a step-by-step daily schedule… but it sufficiently mentions enough details so that you can understand how I organize my grind at a broader level and maintain a balance.

Hope this helps.



My daily routine.

Immediately complete the daily challenges from the path of valor when they pop up. I know, I don’t have to be in such a hurry. It’s just because of my irrational fear that I could forget those daily ones. :sweat_smile:


Wake up: Find any quest that will consume the most WE so that my WE flags can start refilling again.

If not maybe 20-4 or Season 3.

Use a titan flag so it can start refilling.

Browse the forum

Wait for the monster and raid chests. Keep an eye on the time.

Hit titan.

Browse the forum

Fill monster and raid chests

Browse the forum

Spam Season 3 or 20-4 on auto-farm

Browse the forum

Wait for 6pm Aussie time for Path of Valour quests to reset.

Check whether new quests are coming

Browse the forum

Do raid tourney hits if still alive.

All in between chatting with alliance members.

Pretty sad in some respects…


My E&P stuff is also in this thread:

To be very specific. I check my phone for the daily forecast when I wake up. I will work on using energy in E&P and the other mobile game I play to start refills flowing. I note when chests will be available, when war ends, hit titan - if any, and use some energy or complete chests.

I’ll check in later when chests or titan are avaialable, or when energy is roughly full. Check in late at night after the GF has gone to bed, and that’s it.

I will hit the forum once a day to see if there’s anything I need to know.

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Thanks all, how much time on average do your spend per day?

WHY season 2 : 20-4 ?

Sounds about right. :rofl:

Log in to game.
Collect stuffs (hams, irons, feeders, etc.).
Level up building if able to.
Check PoV:
If ducks - kill ducks.
“Watch” Mystic Vision.
Level up troops and heroes.
If loot tickets - use on quests that fulfill PoV dailies.
Attack titan.
Check quest log.
If useful quests - do those.
If no useful quests - autoplay provinces until monster chest is filled.
“Restock” training camps with fresh recruits.
Craft items if necessary.
If in the mood - do raids.
If not - pass.
Log off of game.

^ TOTAL TIME SPENT: about 30 minutes

Log on to forum.
Proceed to annoy people with your unwanted opinions, memes, and other assorted nonsense.
Occasionally log back on to game to autoplay world energy flags or hit titans.

^ TOTAL TIME SPENT: the other 23.5 hours


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I log in constantly to see if my flags are full so I don’t let them sit there at max and not growing. I wake up 20 minutes early knowing I’ll be raiding/farming/titaning.

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Season 1 for the exp

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