What's your 4* ascension mat bottleneck?

Tomes for me :frowning:


All of them



Compases, compasses and did i mentioned Compases. :grin:
The swords, spyglasses, rings, are fines but don’t have a need for them right now.
Compasses would really be helpfull.:grin:
Have fun and don’t get lost, i don’t have any compasses.


It’s always one or the other… I have 15 tomes, but only 5 damascus blades. It’s still good enough for my 4th rainbow set, but another 5 d.blades would be nice to complete my mono 5*s…:grin:


Rings… 6 months and I got my first set outside of Mt Umber and deals today. From a rare harpy with chance for tabard… (no bonus roll - but rings!! Yay!)


Tomes here also has been for 5 months


Has been darts ever since I got Drake as hotm last year. Only two more to go! Getting items much more frequently now that I’m finishing quests and events though.


Tabards for sure, although I have received more in the past 3 months then I have in the past 2 years so perhaps this could flip


Tabards. Scopes. To a lesser extent, tonics. Although there really aren’t any great 5* greens I want to level up.

I can’t stop getting rings and tomes. 20 rings and 16 tomes. I got 2 tomes in one day while waiting on Tabards. :joy:


Darts. Eight legendary heroes - Azlar, Thorne, Domitia x2, Poseidon, Onatel, Ranvir, and Leonidas. That’s zero green, one red, one blue, two purple, and four yellow. Maxed Poseidon, but only have three darts now.



20 Tabards, please


Rings, Scope fall short to catch up with other mats

Took me only 11 months to earn first Rings from titan loots,

from 7/8* and up since January 2019

Rings please.

I could use tonics and tabards too, but the rings are lagging behind. 10 rings in 14 months.

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:stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t read the entire thread yet, so someone might have mention this already, but is it possible some people might just be imagining a bottleneck because of having spent mats. You can just count how many you’ve received since you started playing. 6 x number of max heroes in that colour + inventory.

Red: 2 x 6 + 6 = 18 Rings
Green: 1 x 6 + 9 = 15 Tonics
Blue: 2 x 6 + 5 = 17 Scopes
Yellow: 2 x 6 + 8 = 20 Darts
Purple: 2 x 6 + 4 = 16 Tabards

10 Tomes and 6 Damascus in my inv.

So Tonics are my least, which is good because the summoning gods grant me equal favour. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damascus blades are my bottleneck, i have 8 Tome but just 1 blade.

Probably because I’m in a small alliance that fights 4* Titans only so far, I have a remarkable balance between my ascension mats. 6 blades, 5 tomes, 2 each of tonics, scopes, darts, 1 tabard (I’ve ascended one 5* for each of those colors). I’ve gotten 9 rings but no 5* Red, so 6+3 Rings.

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Tabards, Tonics and Traps.

Due to purple and green being my strong colors with the highest amounts of last ascensions.

ToT. Had been playing for 10 months and getting just 5 tomes.

Telescopes and tabards. Have too many tonics on the other hand and no green worth leveling


Rings and tonics for me

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