What's Your 1% Raid Tornament Loot?

If I understand correctly, the raid tournament was supposed to help gain more ascension items. Clearly that’s not the case. If being top 1% doesn’t get you 4* mats what’s the incentive?

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Nah, raid tournaments purpose was to give us something else to do.

1% loot tier gives you a 2% chance at a 4* material.


You got better than I usually do at top 1%.


It was good in the beginning until people whined to have it nerfed. You can thank some of the top players for that. They were worried that other players might catch up to them without ranking top 10 in monthly challenge events(should mention 1 of these players is now up to over 60 maxed 5s…yea people were really goin to catch up to that with random loot lol)


I see, thanks for the clearity. I still think it was suppose to help with mats tho.

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Hot garbage like all the rewards are.

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If you click on the loot tab under tournament, you can see exactly what the odds are for each tier. See below for the top 1%. I don’t know if I’ve ever received a 4* AM. But I also don’t count on the tournaments for those. Top 1% is a guaranteed 10 emblems with a 60% chance for 20 or more. Also, you get 3 draws with a 50% chance each for a gold coin. These are the items I play the tournament for. And I also will spend 75 gems if the top 1% looks achievable (maybe top 5%) as if I only get the 10 emblems, it’s one of the cheapest way to earn emblems in the game.

I do wish they’d fix the 4 star drop rate. It doesn’t even have to go back to the old rate, but at present if you finish in the Top 1% in EVERY tournament (assuming none are randomly cancelled) for an entire year, you will receive and average of ONE 4* item.

One sixth of what you will need to level a single 5* hero…

…in a year.

Ignoring that they would need to be the right items… in six freaking years, an average player with a perfect track record would earn enough items to level a five star hero.

That’s obscene.

Percentage for top 1% finish should at least be raised to 10% giving out an average of five of these items a year (because very few players are even going to finish 1% every time–I do more often than not, but I still miss quite a few).

SG please think this over.


Tournaments and wars are a waste tbh, this game is geared to make you spend money on mats when you see them on sale

Why are you still playing then? :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

Who said im playing them :man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4:

You don’t have to spend to get acension items. If the game raises the odds of getting 4* items here it helps the big spenders more, since they have all those great 5* heroes.
This game is slow very slow. So relax. If you don’t have patience then spend or just quit.

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