What's wrong with trading?

I don’t see an issue with it, but tell me what your reservations are about it.
Also watch my video I posted on the subject to get my full thoughts because I feel like I said it better there.

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  • Easy to exploit. (Multiple account trading each other)
  • P2W have much more interesting hero to trade (or AM, if you meant that).
  • it is pretty sure it lead on a trading market with auction or money involved outside the forum.

This is just the first things pop in my mind.
I can probably find more, but thats more then enough to say: NOPE.

It kill the game.


SG has said they have trading systems in consideration. But will probably never consider player to player trading due to all the possible abuses of that type of system.

Trading with the game itself would be a nice touch. Player 2 player would kill the game in my opinion


There’s too many ways it could become a bad idea IMO

If I had to argue “for” trading, the only way I see it not becoming a problem is if they had strict limitations on how it’s done… Say, both parties would need to find a rare “Trade Gem” that’s twice the rarity drop-rate of a Damascus Blade to add to the exchange to help keep it from getting out of hand.

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Lots of potential issues, including grey/black market, experienced players preying on new players, trading in the elites will give even more advantages to them not not as much to c2p and f2p. Other games have seen extreme unbalance when implementing open trading. There maybe ways of implementing restricted trading and set costs for any trade that offsets these, but I sure would want any such system tested in beta for months to understand exploits and abuses

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I can also see newer players being more easily deceived by older players.

“yeah you dont want that wu kong. He sucks and causes everyone to miss and you’ll lose everything! Here, i’m a nice gal/guy, so i’ll take him off your hands and give you Hu tao! He actually hits all enemies and causes them to miss everything, he’s like a better Bane! Im being so generous because I have two of him”


If people are worried that trading would be abused as a system between players, I don’t see why we still couldn’t have a place to trade with the game. Like I have too many tabards and not enough tonics. Would be cool to have a building or something that I can exchange a 4* ascension item for a 4* ascension item. Or you could trade a 5* yellow hero for a 5* yellow hero. SG could charge some type of tax in gems for each transaction. If a summon in the summon gate is 300 gems, maybe it could cost 150 gems and you get an equal trade. I think it would even boost their gem sales. A lot of players myself included don’t bother with the summoning gate anymore because of how expensive it is and the low probability. But if I know I can summon Justice for 300 gems and then trade it for Joon for 150 gems, now SG is seeing 450 gems from me that they previously wouldn’t have.


I’m against trading. There will be a black market causing the game to be of no fun because it worsens relationships between players. Also, I suspect major power creep occurring if trading occurs. I speak from experience and I don’t want that to happen in this game.

That said, if there were the right limitations to trading, I’ll be open to the idea. Such limitations can include the length of time since the player joined the game, only have trading within alliances, length of time in an alliance, a big enough gem fee, reaching a certain point in the game, etc. Whatever the limitations are, it must be big enough so that a black market is not worth creating.

Disagree about power creep. Being able to trade would benefit lower level players a lot more than the veterans.

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I should have been more specific from the get go and say that trading would have limits and could cost gems/something.

Also, the complaint about “black markets” is a non-factor. If an adult wants to buy something from another adult and it isn’t illegal… who cares? If a weaker player gains stronger heroes… who cares. The dynamics of this specific game won’t change that much.

Some of you say that people would create multiple accounts, which they could then use to trade with themselves… again, who cares? If they used their own resources for either account and they want to trade with themselves… who cares? It’s their right because either way you look at it, both/all accounts are their’s to do as they wish.

SG could and most likely would create a way to ensure the trading system won’t be abused and the impact on the game would be mostly positive for it.

All the complaints I see sort of mirror one another and it all boils down to two things control (players are concerned that SG wont be able to do their job effectively when implementing/policing the trade feature) and making sure the power balance isn’t upset, even though it’s already incredibly disproportionate.

I firmly believe that, if enough thought was put into this, all the reservations voiced up until this point would be heavily alleviated.

@SWEG, I agree with that last statement you made 100%, and I feel as if that is why so many are against this idea. It would help even the playing field for new players and for f2p people in an alliance with generous teammates.

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There is a incorrect assumption that in the top 10 alliances all the members have all the interesting heroes and all the mats they could ever use. But if they are allowed to trade freely, this would quickly become the case.

Another side effect is that suddenly all the top 100 defense teams would look 100% the same, instead of 60% the same.

Why is that a problem? After all, no one team I’d invulnerable/invincible. Also, with all the teams being identical, it would make it easier to take them down, all anyone would have to do is find the proper formulas to do so.

Its already boring as heck fighting the same teams over and over. You would take a part of the game that still isn’t a total grind and make it exceedingly boring.

The last thing advanced players need is another boring grind. Enough are leaving because there are few interesting aspects anymore and its all grind.

It would be very easy to make it with no problems or at least keep problems to a minimum.

  1. Make a trade tab

In this tab you see heroes put up by others for trade, but there are no names\accounts associated with the heroes up for trade so it would be difficult (not impossible but difficult) to target someone or setup a deal. Account-to-account transfers wouldn’t be too hard…but who cares? It would be very risky.

The trade section is split into two columns. In the left are the heroes up for trade. In the column to the right is a list of heroes (say 3-5) they are willing to swap for.

  1. Deciding you want to put up a hero for trade

Go to the tab and select what hero you want to trade for another hero. Say I have an extra Guinevere and I really want a Tarlak. Id select my Guin from my roster and select it for trade. I then go to a hero list and select Tarlak and up to 2-4 others. I complete the decision by an acknowledgment button and a gem charge (say 500 gems). This way SG gets theirs as well.

The hero isn’t available immediately. It will be posted after a preset amount of time has passed. This would also make abuse harder.

  1. Shopping for a Hero

Now lets say you need a Guin. You search the heroes available and find one. It might be mine, it may be someone else…there are no player identifiers. The Guin available is accepting a Tarlak in trade. You have an extra Tarlak so you initiate the trade. You pay 500 gems (Yup,SG gets it coming and going) and complete the transaction.

  1. Trade completed

Two anonymous players make a 1 for 1 exchange and SG gets gem revenue.

Sure, people could post in chat that they are putting something up, but those looking to try to abuse the system are not going to announce it. If a shady person was to call out that they are putting an "awesome " Thorn up for trade for a “crappy” Athena, Im sure other players will quickly call them out before they could take advantage of anyone.

  1. Line wouldn’t make it public
  2. Multiple accounts holders could easily trade between alts

That’s just off the top of my head.

You could do account to account. I personally don’t see a huge issue with it, but it would be risky if you were swapping out an awesome hero for a lesser one. You risk someone else beating you to the trade and you losing that hero.

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Also, the complaint about “black markets” is a non-factor. If an adult wants to buy something from another adult and it isn’t illegal… who cares? If a weaker player gains stronger heroes… who cares.

SG would care as this breaks the TOS aggreement (5.1) that I’m confident we all read in full before playing

I can’t think of a reason why anybody would be upset about alt accounts trading with main accounts. Either way, this person still spent the money to get the heroes. If anything SG is making extra money off these players for no real reason. I won’t make an alt just so I can start all over again over there and use gems to summon heroes to trade with my main account when I could just buy the gems on my main account.

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I don’t know man, if you’re in a top 10 alliance you’re already set. Way above the average player. I think there’s less for these players to gain compared to a lower level player. There are strict requirements to be in an elite alliance. Maybe they don’t have every hero, but they have competitive 5* rosters and a full bench of leveled heroes. I don’t care if they trade a Guin for a Gravemaker. Doesn’t change much in the grand scheme of things. But the little guys who need a Wu Kong could trade a Kiril to somebody who wants Kiril and has extra Wu’s.

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