What's wrong with this picture?

Sometimes I wonder how complex the algorithms in this game are, too many conditions and logic to consider. And it’s days like this that make me think there is absolutely no logic to anything…HA !

What are the odds of getting these two (Vivica & Justice) in the same pull ? Figures…

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The only thing “wrong” in your picture is that your Wu Kong looks underfed. 4/70 please.

also, you did a 10 pull and got 2 5* heroes in that 10 pull, both of whom are very playable. I don’t understand - are you complaining? or looking for congratulations? I’ll take your Viv if you don’t want her…



Yes, totally agree about Wu…

The irony of my pull is killing me though. I think it’s funny that many of us go pull after pull without anything worth keeping. It’s so frustrating. Then all of a sudden you pull 2 5* back to back when you least expected, wth ! ?

Yes, it was a 10 pull. And I’m just now getting around to working on Wu Kong, but trying to max Joon first. I hope to get Wu battle ready real soon…

well good news is you have Wu and Joon, the two best yellows, and you have Viv and Justice, who are both good as well. Viv is great on raids (offense).


Already has Wu and Joon to level so the question automatically pop in my mouth:

Why you do a 10x holy summon?

I fed the new pulls to Joon (lvl 60), Vivica (lvl 60), Justice (lvl 60) and Wu (lvl 22). Long story short, I get the best bang for my buck when I do this. Sadly, now I get to wait until I get enough ascending loot, the worst part of this game…

Oh, quite a costly technique to feed a hero, especially if you don’t rush because waiting for ascension items.
But if you are ok with it, i’m ok with it.

May i ask you when you start playing this game?

Man quit the idea of using summons to feed heroes!! You are telling you summoned VIVICA to feed???
I cant even believe you did that! Over 60% of players are waiting for months for heroes like you pulled! Use your best luck to build a great team, not only one color. Dont summon holy heroes again please!
I think I may be having a stroke lol

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It can be, sure, but very efficient. The heroes reach max their special skill really really fast. Anyway, been playing since right before Xmas and I gave my self a budget for this game as a present…That’s what I’ve been using…

I see one thing wrong here and it’s that you have apparently absorbed any RNG luck i have into you. I’ve done no less than 10 10x yellow pulls and have Leonidas to show for it. ■■■! Ha, ha. :smile:

Nice pulls brother, happy for you.

Hahaha…I already had Vivica, but I got a second. I hate it, it does seem unfair but I don’t know what else to do with her. And I know about the frustration of not getting good heroes. Which is why I found my last pull so ridiculous…I have to say, I stopped complaining after a received other 5* heroes back to back. It makes no sense.

10 10x ??? Holy… Yes, I’m not complaining about my pulls, not complaining. Trust me…:laughing:

:smirk::smirk::smirk: I dont have a single yellow 5* :roll_eyes::smirk::smirk::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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You know something, I did nearly 20 pulls in the last month or so trying to get Joon. Kept getting crud. Nothing, nada…And just a few days go, I had some gems to play with and got him in a single pull. The gods are laughing at us that for sure…

Ok, i had the feeling you’re not an “elder”.
I want to give you a warning on this game (that you can accept or not, that’s up to you)

Even big spenders can struggle on getting the ascension items they want, even buying the ascension packs/taking down great titans.
So if you keep collect 5* heroes summoning but you have to wait (even months) to get the ascension items you want, the feeling of stagnation or stalemate can pop up eventually.

Even more, if you have a budget that you don’t want to exceed, you don’t need to rush if the heroes you already have has stop growing.

Take your time to see what’s the best for you and what can be useful to grow.
Most likely you can’t think to upgrade more then one 5* hero per color very soon, so you have to carefully do your choices.

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Thanks for the advice…I agree wholeheartedly…I’ve hit a wall on my 5* heroes and have realized that money will not get you any closer to fully ascending them either. I read about a guy who did 10 10x pulls back to back and ended up with 3 Natalyas (I believe it was). I’ve learned so much about this game and strategy in general that I’m now going back and actually building up 3* and 4* heroes instead. And spend most of my time farming and playing around with different combinations and learning their strengths and weaknesses… So, no, not an “elder” (if that means having been playing for long and with tons of experience), I was just very impatient at first and curious about the game’s methodology.

Thats really good to hear.
Building a solid 4* team is the best choice if you are quite far to get the 4* ascension for your best heroes.

You soon notice that growing experience and knowledge on the game you change your mind many times towards the 5* you really want to ascend, and you’ll be grateful to not have used a rare items on a hero that is not the best for you anymore.

Even more, having other minor heroes that help you in all the tasks that the game provide change the 5* heroes you really need.

For example, a newbe can benefits much more from ascending Vivica then any other yellow card.
But if you already have a solid team… Joon is the only possible choice.


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