What's wrong with the dam servers?

It is getting somewhat annoying.
Almost every day lately, the dam thing disconnect .
Obviously it’s not on my end. Got bump out at 11.02 pm NY time. I’m on here at 11.07 after writing this.
Lost some flags too.
Correction, for some reason i did not lose the flags i was playing.

I haven’t had any trouble at all. Maybe it’s your location?

I have no problem with any other aps i use.
Kindle, Discord, others games even this forum.
Lately playing, you can see when there will be a problem. Some kind of graphics of circles appear then, goodbye.
Say reconnecting and that the end of it.
Get on the forum, no problem.

That’s weird. I’m not sure what’s happening, I can just say that I’m not having any issues like that at all. Game has been working fine.

Seems to happen after 10 pm my time.
Maybe too many players? :grin:
I think I’m going to blame the west coast players. Lol :slight_smile:

Same here. I have fiber op and ultra high speed Internet but sitting 10 feet from the model this app cuts in and out. No other ones do.

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