Whats wrong with raids?

So…been raiding for 3 days straight.Using 8+ flasks to raid with & success aint even 10% out of all the fights I had,lost more than gaining.Either against weak or strong players.Been getting horrible cards constantly & thought it was a patern later on since everytime I weigh my characters against the other teams,its never in my favour.But whats worst is that deck shuffle is suppose to happen when no cards can be played,right?HELL NO!

It shuffles just by itself,even when theres a really good group of cards aligned as soon as you’ve had a bad shuffle,like two or three times.And its almost like oops…the game made a mistake,perhaps…but happening the whole time?Titan fights,raids,wars?I think not!

So,since the game is rigged & this is perhaps a “trial run” or “testing of players to spend more to get better” or “holding back instead of letting go”…Im sorry,not buying.Rather make the game available for upgrades on buildings or even swop out items among members in groups tbat have been together for 30 days or more,that’l make the game so much more fun instead of trying to win trophies & for what…just more trophies?

Perhaps you’d be able to share some videos and screenshots of your results list, opponents and battles, so we can see this in action?


I hate to be “that guy”, but you’re doing something wrong. Each board truly is a puzzle. Half the time the most obvious moves aren’t the matches you’re supposed to make.

Sure, luck plays a part. And yes, sometimes no matter what you do you’re going to lose. But more often than not, you’re rewarded on the board for making moves that set you up to win. The easy to spot matches, or seemingly awesome set up, is often just to trick you.

Not saying you’re bad at raiding at all. Maybe try a more strategic approach to matching, spotting setups.


You should try to weaken your defence team.

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I’ve been playing for over a year and never come across a board that shuffled itself when a match could still be made. Like, I mean, never. Anyone else?


I see it very often - not every day, I suppose, but multiple times each week. Not to have seen it at all in a year seems unusual.

Mm, maybe I’m just very poor at spotting matches. Actually, there’s no “maybe” about it…

The should not shuffle if you can make a match. I’ve NEVER seen it shuffle if a match could be made.

I’ve been playing 1.5 years.

Multiple times each week you see the board shuffle when a match can be made?

I’ve never seen that happen in the 15 months I’ve played this game.

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My apologies: I totally misread the comment I replied to and have once again made a complete fool of myself.

I regularly see the board reshuffle when matches are unavailable, not when matches are available.


That happens to me all the time IRL so I feel ya…


You’re doing something wrong, using inefficient heroes or not stacking properly. Also the board does not re-shuffle if there is a move to be made.

Perhaps of interest:

Nobody ever did… except for OP… it’s just another “raids are not as I imagine they should be” thread… they’re everywhere these days, like mushrooms after a summer rain… they’re usually the same, but once in a while, somebody comes out with a brand new original “feature” like “the boards get shuffeled when they shouldn’t”, so they’re still kind of fun… the fact is raids never changed since day one and I sure hope they don’t.

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