What's wrong with my team?

I feel like I put together a really good team, but I’m still losing to teams 300+ points less than me. Is it just bad luck or a team that’s really isn’t put together well? Here’s my team: Hel 4-80(3), Lianna 4-80(3), Magni 4-71, Marjana 4-62, and Vivica 4-12. Team power 3939. Thanks for any input.

How you can see the teams that attack you ?

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Raids and you can look at the team during revenges.

He sees ‘em when he attack’s

Your problem is that your defence is being beaten by people with lower defence than you?

Or are you losing on Attack?

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On offence you want heroes that have overlapping complimentary skills. Someone like Boldtusk heals everyone and makes everyone’s attacks stronger. Grimm hits hard and lowers the defence of all enemies making other hero hits stronger

FAST and Very Fast is the meta at the moment so slow heroes are harder to make work well.

You’re running a rainbow team which has the advantage of always having tiles, but those tiles are relatively weak. Consider - once you get heroes leveled - running 2:2:1 or 3:2 offences for a while. Having two heroes of the same colour that work well together gives you yet another power advantage - Frida, Jackal, Evelyn, Falcon, Panther are all game changers in that they lower defence to a specific colour and make ‘stacking’ a powerful option.

The game is designed so that the offence has a huge advantage - ultimately we want it that way as it allows us all to climb the leader board or the cup totals, fill chests, and then make room for others doing the same.

If it weren’t this way, the players with the best defenders would lock up spots and be near impossible to dislodge and we’d take days and days to fill a single hero chest.

You’ll soon get there and leverage your heroes to better advantage.

Don’t worry too much about losses on defence. Worry about winning offensive raids.


Actually, I’m loosing mostly on offense. I always seem to get bad tiles. 3 horizontal tiles in a row with no combos. Frustrating. Makes me hate raiding

Stack 3 against the tank, 2 against a flank and they won’t prank.


What you see it’s they defense team, it’s not the teams that attack you!!!


Its the beauty of the game. No one can stay at the top for long.
No matter how good your setup is, others will always find a way to beat your defense team with their makeshift heroes.
And there is this thing called stacking.
Don’t forget the buff too. Example is Wu Kong. Gamers put him in their defense team for a reason. He may not look dangerous but once he cast his special, a single shot on his team’s day will kill your maxed 5 *.

Is that for a defense team or offensive team?

For offense I usually stack heroes of the strong color against either the tank, or a support hero. Or both. Depends on the enemy and matchup type, and my available roster. Is there a particular hero giving you trouble? We can go from there.

If this is your defense team, I think your heroes are good, but the positioning should be adjusted. Generally you want the faster heroes closer to the edges. Here’s what I would recommend:
Lianna | Vivica | Hel | Magni | Marjana

Are you attacking with a rainbow team?

I think you have a strong team but there are many factors that can result in a loss.

I can’t claim to be an expert but I thought I’d list some factors below (no doubt you will know some already but I’ll list it anyway)

  1. Some of your heroes are slightly underlevelled, this can make a big difference when versing eg. maxed out 4*.

  2. Vivica is a slow healer. She’s good but her special needs to go off for her to be useful.

I would wager that you tend to lose raids when she didn’t get a chance to go off. Rigard is a good substitute as he’s average speed. I think it’s ok to have Rigard and Hel when raiding a non purple tank, depending on the colour of the flanks.

  1. Enemy tank. When your team is slightly weak or underlevelled, contrary to our instinct, using a rainbow team may not always be the best option. This is not a good example but in my case I have no green 5*. So when I verse Richard I am in serious trouble. I try to stack blue or opposing flank colours when I go up against him.

A better example might be Kunchen. Kunchen is so strong that even when you stack yellow he can hold his own pretty well. If I went in without double stacking yellow I think I’d be in trouble. I don’t have Jackal of course. That’s not to say a rainbow team wouldn’t be effective as that increases the probability of a special of any one hero going off (on an average balanced board) . But it’s something to consider depending on the dynamic of your team.

  1. Consider having more ‘safety net’ heroes or healers. Sometimes raiding with 3 x 5* and 2 x 4* healers is better than a raid with 5 x 5* (no healers) because your chances of healing will increase. A single heal is worth four specials sometimes because it means you have gifted your other 4 heroes a chance to unleash their specials. Maybe you could try having Rigard and Vivica on wing if you have Rigard. Safety nets should be on wing as there is a lower probability of being hit by pulveriser style specials.

  2. Synergies. Some teams that ‘look weak’ are deceiving. Eg. Obakan may be a mediocre hero by himself but if he’s standing behind a yellow tank like Justice or Drake then the game has changed. Not the best example but it depends. The placement of heroes and colour selection can be quite important. Yellow and purple have an interesting dynamic because yellow is weak (not neutral) (0.5x damage) against yellow but strong (2x) against purple. As opposed to red green and blue where like colour on like is neutral and does 1x damage which is still significant.

  3. Luck. Sometimes you can be the best raider but have a terrible board. You just got to laugh when that happens

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To expand a bit on @Halifax’s excellent advice:

  1. The way the damage equation works, when you have multiple attackers of a single color on your team, the tiles of that color hit even harder than just the sum of the attack strengths of those heroes.

  2. Tiles in the weak color of an enemy hero hit that hero twice as hard as normal.

These two facts together mean that if you bring multiple attackers in the weak color of the enemy tank (central enemy hero), you can generally kill them very quickly with just tiles. This is called “color stacking,” and most of us do it to a greater or lesser degree on offense.

3 heroes of one color and 2 heroes of another color is referred to as a 3:2 stack (sometimes also written 3-2). This is probably the most common stack on offense, although 2:2:1, 3:1:1, 4:1 and even 5:0 (called “mono”) are all commonly used by different people.

Knowing what colors to stack for a particular fight is something of an art form, but the first “rule of thumb” that most people learn is to bring 3 heroes in the tank’s weak color, and another 2 in the weak color of a second defense hero you’d like to be able to hurt quickly with tiles.

If you do this, you will find yourself winning many more of the fights that have been hard for you thus far. But be aware: because the boards are random, it is very easy to get multiple boards that have lots of tiles of your missing colors. This can be really frustrating when it happens, and learning how best to clear useless tiles is a key skill to develop once you start color stacking.


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