Whats wrong with my account?

From 15 december i don’t receive any ascension material. (Chest+ movie+ titans+wars) . Is something wrong? Or I do something wrong?

Sorry to hear about the long dry spell, and lack of luck on ascension mats. You’ve certainly done nothing wrong, it just happens sometimes — pretty often, in fact, if you search the forum.

You mentioned chests, movie (Mystic Vision), titans, and War, so I’ll just add the reminder to make sure you’re doing Rare Quests and Challenge Events, the only places you can routinely get guaranteed ascension mats, presuming you can beat the stages.

@General_Confusion put together a nice guide of all the places you can get ascension mats:

And coincidentally, @Hcmitchellr started a nice thread today on what to prioritize when you’re lacking ascension mats:

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Thank you for your thorough answer. This is technically a duplicate thread and will be closed.

OP, please check out the links Zephyr1 posted for you as they contain more than one answer. :slight_smile:


I have been sitting on a 5* hero/lvl 70 for over a month yet can’t get ascension items to lvl the hero. Same issue with some 4* hero’s! I have been a loyal daily player since I started this game & I do spend hard earned $$ on it yet I’m approaching a standstill. Help? Suggestions? Please don’t recommend I use gems on features items where it’s only a guarantee to get 2 items, the items I need aren’t even shown in them!!! I’m becoming disillusioned the further I get in this game, will I ever get what I need or has SG moved onto emblems & ignored the need for ascension items? Oh & don’t even get me started on special quests for emblems because if you can’t beat the levels (4,000, really???) then you get nothing!!!

  • What titans are you fighting at the moment?
  • How many chests do you fill everyday?
  • What items do you need?
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War and titan. They have been the best for me. Just try and get in top five if you can. I also believe “the system” will give you more drops if you have a few players up near the ascension level ( call me crazy but believe it’s geared like that). The emblem quests are not as hard as indicated… they really aren’t.

@General_Confusion put together a nice guide on sources of ascension mats:

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I also wrote a more thorough answer before about this, including that guide:


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