What's wrong with Morgan le fay?


I often go to forums but I rarely see people talking about Morgan Le Fay, is she a bad hero?


Nope. Still good. Not great and always outshone by Guin. Even Arthur doesn’t get as much attention.


well, I guess you didn’t search the forum for any topics about Morgan, did you? See that symbol up in the right hand corner… use it, type in Morgan and see for yourself… :slightly_smiling_face:


Hahahaha… yes you right. but I also rarely see people wearing it, mostly guin


The only thing “wrong” with her is that you can pull her from the same event you can pull Guinevere. And those that go crazy pulling heroes in that event and have a better than average shot at getting her all do that to pick Guinevere, so even if they draw a Morgan le Fey they put Morgan aside until they get a Guinevere.

Now you might wonder why those “Guinevere hunters” don’t use Morgan then, if they caught her as well. Easy: those “Guinevere hunters” also tend to hunt for just about each HoTM, and they field those with preference.

So Morgan doesn’t just stand in the shadow of Guinevere, she stands in the shadow of the HoTM’s as well.


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Ooooo… like that :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: