What's with the long wait? (upgrade time for Stronghold 22)

That is wild. Honestly though if you are willing to spend that much money to get to Alchemy Lab I think you would be better off waiting for AM deals and buying all of those instead.

And yes this is a perfect example of why they make you wait. They made a ton of money because of impatience and I’m sure that guy isnt the only one.


With every new heroes, more vanilla heroes are falling behind

Personally, I found advanced buildings more productive for now, and I’m not planing to waste resources on less useful ones.

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Which ones do you find more productive, and less useful?

Advance house top of the list,…storage both iron and ham. Haven’t seen storage full notification lately, since both hit lvl 10.

Not sure really about Alchemy lab.


I agree, it should not take that long. And Upgrade to 23 takes 10 days. :flushed: I get that SG may need to strategize for users to spend. My suggestion: No upgrade should exceed 5 days!

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I am only on SH 20 and the only other thing I have to 20 is one of my TC.
I am just researching the TC 20 and that takes an entire week. i mean, I get it but when every building takes this long, it becomes way too much. :frowning:

I think researching should only take 1 - 2 days maximum even if that means increasing the food/iron cost to do it.

I agree with you!! The wait is too long i like the game but the waiting makes me want to uninstall.

Many feel like that (including me), but reality is that almost no one will uninstall the game, and keep playing. SG catches the players.

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It’s frustrating but most long term players don’t bring it up as an issue; it is about resource management, a couple of weeks in E&P years? No idea on that but I have literally given up thinking about it apart from prioritizing what I’m prepared to give up for those two weeks wait times. Atm it’s not much of an issue for me.

Can’t speak for all long term players, but me personally? Building / research times for anything are so long for me now that I don’t even think about it. Set it and forget it. I know it’s done when I start seeing green arrows under buildings again.

Same with my TC20. I just put a month’s worth of recruits in. I don’t sit there and wait for it to finish, I know it’s done when the little icon pops up. A watched pot never boils. :grin:


Words of wisdom… That damned “pot”, why doesn’t it boil?. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is and has always been a slow-paced grindy game. The faster you finish, the faster you move on and leave E&P behind. The devs would rather you hung around longer.

Besides, once people are finished all the advanced buildings (in two years or so) they will just tack on the next batch up to SH30. No need to rush it.