What's with the long wait? (upgrade time for Stronghold 22)

So, now doing my fortress update to Lvl 22…
Just a quick question… Why the 9days wait?

Really, SG, don’t you think players who are in the position to upgrade their fortress to Lvl 22 or higher haven’t waited long enough in the course of their career? And what purpose does the wait serve? 9 ■■■■■■■ days with no purpose?

What are the benefits gained from the waiting?


The longer you have to wait the longer you spend in game. The longer everyone spends in game (not just you) the more likely you are to buy something. It’s nothing personal. Just business.


Gives you time to save resources for next upgrade


Welcome to E&P, the grindiest game in existence.


Which will then come in 3 month?
Nah, not buying it…

We have been waiting for any kind of upgrade, all changes and upgrades are welcome. However, you must allow take their time to make things right and release new features without troubles.
What difference does it make to wait a day or nine days?
Enjoy the game instead of expecting SG to release their features when it is convenient for you. Just spend all your iron on new tornadoes, thats what i did, in a couple days i’ll get my stronghold to 22.
Alchemy Lab will be useless so no need to worry about leveling ur Stronghold.
Unless u really wish to spend gems changing a scabbard to a chainmail shirt?

I am more worried about them breaking the game with the new features and new heroes.
The new heroes are so OP compared to vanilla tc20 it is a joke. Soon we will have 900+ att and 900+ def heroes released.

New heroes are a mix of 3-4 vanilla heroes.
While a Vanilla heroes blinds, or burns, the new heroes will blind + reduce mana + undispellabe feature.
Poor Quintus is featured entirely in Ursena’s special, however she still reflects and has better stats.


And she is average mana! She makes my Quintus look like a joke. Maybe the vanillas are due for another buff? :wink::upside_down_face:

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And they need a lot of work to be useable.


I’m not criticizing the time between the updates and upgrades. I’m criticizing that once you are there, it makes you wait for 9 days while you watch the hammering animation. This serves no purpose.

If one doesn’t have the resources, that’s their problem. But if you have all the iron, what purpose does the 9 days wait serve? If it’s for farming resources for the next upgrades, that’s unneccessary long.

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SH21 took 8 daya to build.
So you mean the lvl 22 should be shorter than that?

But why?

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Why does it need to be a 8 or 9 day wait at all is the question.
Also: Alchemy Lab now only comes at SH 23. So what is the SH 22 good for then?


I so agree with this, the higher upgrades are insane when it comes to how many days it takes…but then I think a lot is insane in this game. Our last war was so rigged… almost all the teams were SO much higher than our average player, there was literally no way we could compete. I admit I like playing this game because I don’t have much to do, but gesh… it’s getting boring, endless upgrades, and they take SOOO long. Don’t do many pulls anymore because just not worth it… I haven’t gotten a decent hero in over 6 months… sorry for the rant on your post about other things that aren’t about the upgrade… just very frustrated with a lot in this game… no materials to ascend etc…

They are hoping you accidentally press “spend 100,000 gems to skip wait time” so that you are forced to purchase 100,000 more gems to do your next 3000 Atlantis pull for 2999 Priscas and 1 lucky Kageburado.


All of the other Advanced Buildings in this round unlock at 22:

Also, I’d argue that the Advanced Buildings are more useful than Alchemy Lab.

I personally plan to work on those and ignore Alchemy Lab for a long time.


You do NOT see a difference between 1 day and 9 days??
It starts at 1.
Then goes too 2.
Then goes too3.
Then goes too4.
Then goes too 5 then 6 then 7 then 8 then it gets to 9. Now there you go, see how it works??:crazy_face::joy:


Bout time they made 22 mean something.


It takes apprx. 4-5 years to build all buildings to highest levels.
I you look overall progress
It’s seems insane too.

This game is an obvious money maker for the developers. Why would they stop making you bend over?

Its great business actually. Money money money!!!

There’s at least one player I know of (not me!) with Alchemy Lab level 1 built and researched. Many, many gems spent rushing the build. Many, many euros in SGG’s bank account.