Whats with the censor



Ok i understand some words should not be showen but come on s.h.i.t s.e.x.y and other harmless words cant be because. Of kids cause there mouths are bad as it is.


Some children cuss. Not all children (or adults!) do. The rules exist to provide a friendly environment for all players. :slight_smile:


Oh i understand some words but sexy really not a bad word. But hey rules are rules.


I was looking at the other four-letter word (which in real life I use all the time when I am alone, but I tailor my language around children, ministers and grandmas.) :grin:


Yeah i agree unless it was my grandma man oh man you got her going lord have mercy! :smile: that scottish temper went.:smile::open_mouth::astonished::anguished:


my grandma got pissed at cards one night and put her cigarette out in my dad’s coffee.


Gotta love colorful relatives! :grin: