What's up with the cheating update from SG?


Saw the new topic/update on making sure to play fair and cheating, which means, that people must have found a way to cheat…

Ideas on how this is done and what the payoffs are?

PS - I have no intention of cheating, nor am I technically savvy enough to do so, but would be curious how it could happen in a game like this.


There was someone this morning who flooded the forum with questions why his account was banned. So it seems that SG is regularly searching for cheaters and found at least one. For me the topic shows that there must have been several players who didn’t play fair. And it’s not the first time that SG has to ban accounts.


If there was a discovered cheat, it would of course not be posted on the Forum, since SG is not trying to encourage cheating. :wink:

SG doesn’t practice “naming and shaming”, so any potential cheaters’ names would not be posted.


@rook - not looking to name and shame, just trying to understand HOW one can cheat in a game like this? Can you hack gems or something?

So my post wasn’t to identify cheaters, but using my newness to these types of games to understand how it could even happen!

Sorry if that wasn’t clear.


No worries, Sleeper. I don’t know. Just posting the policy so it’s clear for future readers of this thread. :wink:


Duh, speeding or slowing device clock?


Cheating usually involves exploiting bugs in the client. Or using other software to mess with the client.


Mere speculation: perhaps speeding the device clock makes Wanted Chests and player energy refill faster.


Lol, so if i change my phone clock i trick the game?
Wohoo, so easy! :nerd_face:


No, in all of these online games it’s all connected to a server so unless you change the time in the server it won’t do anything

There was a “cheat” where you can speed up the automatic battles or whatever you call them


Thanks for all the interesting ways to get an advantage. In Monty Burns voice ‘excellent.’


I guess part of it was with the game on SG servers, how would one do something like speed up a timer, hack gems, or anything else. I mean I assume when the game is updated and it’s ultimately pushed out that people are using things to be ‘online’ all the time (there’s no way someone plays this game for 9 hours straight like one of the people in my raid revenge list apparently does - and yes, I know the lag in updating can cause this but we’re talking about a raid yesterday).


Interesting, that’s not a cheat should be a feature :slight_smile:

That said, not all of E+P is server side, a lot of processing is done on the client. This isn’t a web game, we have a fat client for a reason… and as such it can be attacked on some phones if someone were so inclined.

Not so easy to play games with cell phone clocks as that’s taken off the network for synchronization purposes, maybe elsewhere but I don’t have any interest in trying games in Bluestacks or similar where I can set the clock to whatever I want.


I suggest keep flying east to make the wanted mission appear faster. Someone try it and report back.


Haha! That would be great indeed! I’m heading to Fiji right away!


I’m in Boston - send me your device and I’ll take care of it (and you will get your device back, I swear, wink wink nod nod).

Note: please do not send me any devices :slight_smile:


Looks like theres new kind of cheat around, the guy from my alliance got unlimited crystals somehow


You see it?
Maybe we only have a new kind of liar.


I don’t have evidence, but he showed his heroes and said in chat that he cheated. He never spent any earlier.


Impossibile …


Larger companies have been scammed out of their e-currency I believe. I wouldn’t be too surprised if someone found a way to do it :face_with_monocle: Hackers of all sorts be sneaky.