What's time I will get 5* heroes?

What’s time I will get 5* heroes ? When ?
Is it possible to get them ?
Tell me.
Who’s get many 5* heroes ?

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There is no set time that you will receive a 5* hero as it’s random. It also depends on if you play for free or if you pay for gems, etc. A paying player will likely do more summons and, therefore, have more opportunities to trigger a 5*.

If you are a free player, the best way to get 5* heroes is to get your training camp (tc) up to level 20. Once it’s there and researched, you can use recruits to try to get a 5* hero.

I’ve been fairly lucky with 5* heroes from tc20. Ive grabbed Vivica, Domitia and Horghall recently. I’ve gotten another 5* (can’t remember which one) plus several very useful 4*s.


Who says? I buy many gems but i just have 1 hero with 5* omg

are u me? Still wait heroes with 5 *

If you get your training centers up to level 20, you will be surprised at how many 4* and 5* hero pulls you can get. Over the last 3 months I’ve pulled 5 5* heroes from tc20. When I run them as tc20s, I run all 4 at that level for a couple of weeks and it gives me about 28 chances for a 5*.


@Mschou I was responding to a request from @Jate for information on how to get 5* heroes. This was my experience only.

Regardless, the advice the @Old_Guard and I gave is valid. Whether or not you pay, tc20 is a good way to get 5* heroes.


Friend do not worry about heroes 5 *, with team of 4 * you easily defeat opponents 5 * I love my heroes 4 *


I completely agree with you. In the wars even my leveled up 3 star healers are useful.


I love how you put GOW music in this fight.

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Thank you buddy =)…

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I am have been playing this game for about 2 years and i only got 1 - 5 star a few months ago and i can’t ascend him as i have no materials :triumph:

My starter team : sonya boldtusk gafar li xiu and caedmon All 4-70… win so many raids not supposed to win
1 5* usuless cause no materials To level up

Sadly, this is the situation that many players find themselves in. Although, 2 years (Not sure the game has been around that long, but it’s close I believe) is a long time to play without having ascension mats.

I play all the events, ‘watch’ mystic vision, hit the Titan, fill all the chests and do the missions. I typically have enough ascension mats to level about any 5*. I am a c2p player so do subsidize with a few cheap buys.

From your statement I am guess you may not play as much as I do. Just thinking out loud as I find it odd you have played that long without having enough mats :grin:

@markpessan, can you please show me the troops you used on that fight.
Thank you.

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Table, only great, great table if not, is not possible.


You might get a 5 :star: hero the next time you try for one, you might not get one until 100 tries from now. Its just up to luck, so make sure to only spend as much as you’re willing to lose.

General consensus is that TC at level 20 is the best gem-free way of getting them.

If you don’t already have TC20 but your main focus on upgrading your iron storage so you’ll have room for enough iron to keep upgrading your stronghold until its at twenty. You can wait till your at level 20 stronghold to start getting your TC to 20, or you can jump from building your iron storages to your stronghold to your training camp.

If the method you choose is the former, make sure you have atleast training camp at level 13 since its still possible to get 5 :star: heroes from it, but its been observed by players that the odds are lower.

Also make sure to pay close attention to leveling your food storage so you’ll have enough room in your food storage to research TC 20 and then start training.

Once you get a training camp at level 20, make it a priority to have it continously training at this level. Then get a second camp to 20 and do the same.

As for getting then from the summon gates (gems or tokens needed)—

Though the odds are still relatively low, you have the highest probability of getting legendary heroes from elemental summons, event summons, and the atlantis summmon. Its possible to get them from the regular epic heroes summon gate of course but the odds are lower than the aforementioned gates, so I dont recommend using gems on it.

Own experiences:

I got my first 5 star from my firsr or second elemental summon, and it is was Vivica. I got her when I leased expected it. (i was planning to do more summons than that and was just hoping for wu kong, but I quit while I was ahead)

Since then, I did quite a few epic summons with tokens aswell as elemental summons an atlantis summons with both earned gems and ones I got from the VIP pass and got no 5 star heroes in this time. This was until the most recent HOTM of the month was released very very recently and I happily got her on my third try. Yesterday I was extremely suprised to get my my 3rd legendary from a free epic hero token I got from a monster chest.

So you’ll never know when they’ll turn up. Don’t worry about getting more than one in a short period of time. They’re a pain captain’s quarters to level up and ascend— especially if you have 4 stars to worry about. The won Sabina while trying for Khiona and I have to choose between leveling them. The hero I won with the token is also a dark hero so he’s definitely gonna rot in my hero roster for a long while I level up those other two. I dont even know if i will be able to make good use of him once I get to him

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Thank you, @markpessan.

I added a screenshot of your team profile to my E&P Amazing Players album because …that is exactly what you did in that fight … what I believe you are as an E&P player.

I wish for you all the best.


Friend I’m speechless by size compliment, thanks for the affection I love this game =)