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Although, I’m sure this will be moved to the Limit Breakers discussion… I’m really just looking for a straightforward answer, and there’s just waaay too much to read though, so new topic it is.

A couple days ago I had an update on the game. Later on I discovered the “Limit Break” button had suddenly appeared next to my Talent Grid. When chatting with some Alliance pals, they said they don’t have it. I didn’t get a “Limit Break Quest,” just a new button with no information about why it’s there or way to use it.

So why did the “Limit Break” show up for me only?
And why didn’t I get the quest to do anything with it?
What was the point of that?

Please keep your answers short and to the point
Thanks :smile:

Basically the Limit Breaker button appears when you update the game to v39. Your device might have it on auto-update, or the latest update is not yet available in your alliance mate’s region or device.

You can’t currently earn the Limit Break items yet since the new Event/Quest for them has not been started. I think it will be launched once the update has been released to everyone, and they shut down the game for maintenance

More info here


You should have read the v39 release notes


Thanks so much :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’ve just barely begun using this forum, and there is an overwhelming amount of information in it. You showed exactly where to find my answers. I truly appreciate it. :smile:


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