What's the use in complaining

Would depend entirely on how many heros he has to choose from. They may be the best he has and what he thinks can serve him in those situations :man_shrugging:

But in the screenshot above he has Glenda :confused: Who you don’t put on the wing because she boosts damage to the heroes either side of her. I think. (Glenda avoided me when she was HOTM for which I haven’t forgiven her.)


Ah ok. I don’t know how Glenda works, so thanks for the info. And yes, in that regard, not good hero arrangement.

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Excellent collection !

Despite, I being P2P… I have played enough to know that over a period of time, even C2P / F2P will surely collect heroes thru game play = EHTs, map stage coins, season completion coins, free gems & ascension is easier bcoz of the shear number of mats / empobems they hold.

I am saying this seeing my collection of heroes, OnLy got from using the above…!

Now back to the OP : There is a benefit in sharing experience on forums : success - failure, benefit - complain, etc…

Yesterday oi started a thread about ZerO gnomes in 36+ hours with 250+ WE play = 85+ Valhalla runs @ 3 WE. While my thread got merged, but would like to believe that the message reached somewhere / someone.

Late evening, I decided to only do Valhalla- 01/01 for quick farming turns & gnomes started to drop by loads. Initial 10 runs gave me 6 gnomes & 2 came in a single run. Later I got a single run with 3 gnomes…shocked at this absurdity…
3rd day, I have got 3 gnomes in 11 runs of 01/01 = Last 12 hours have given about 20 gnomes against zerO of previous 36 hours.

RnG or someone rectifying something …don’t know, BuT gotta put it out there !

happy playing !

But less effective lineup will require better boards than more effective lineup. Lineup selection is one of the important strategies on raid. Imo, it is the most crucial part.

Is true, assuming one has the heros to choose from. :slightly_smiling_face:


My blue 4* mono S1 with S3 3* Nordri got me a couple times to 2800 cups. And won me top 1% in a current 5* buff booster tournament. And regularly scores a pretty good win % vs defenses of 4600+. Actually I believe that the blue mono is the strongest first option to a f2p/c2p be it for events, quests, tournaments or raids.

I have a number of alts that are levels 27-33. Completely f2p. Most of them until recently waged solo wars. Each of those alts has a pathetic selection of heroes, barely able to field five monocolored teams of 3* predominantly with a couple 4* for each war. And most of them won their solo wars quite olften although I didn’t even focus that hard on winning.

Admitedly there are people that continue to use bots and are still not sanctioned by SG, and it’s easy to assume why. Still there are a lot of players that leveled up to a very high level without any bots, using every bit of free time to autofarm some map for xp and spending countless gems on everyday gem shop World Energy refills.

Currently made a lot of videos that show you can do all without spending (except global 1 in Raids ofc however I hit top 70 recently), with only teams of season 1 4* heroes which are widely available to any f2p player after a while of playing. And still there are people that claim the opposite…

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Thank you, yup I tried it and nothing changed. Uggh. They really suck at getting back to you. I really appreciate you trying to help me!!! Take care and stay safe xoxo

Sure, keep telling it to yourself…

Are you one of the game’s devs?

Sure, keep on complaining.

I am not… I just want to see the bad boards you are getting. Which, if you are getting them so frequently, should not be difficult for you to record for us.


Indeed I will anytime I feel like there’s need to. Last time I checked it was still my right to do so. The sad part is that I don’t have fun complaining and it wouldn’t even be necessary if there weren’t people that keep praising SG despite all the unfair game desicions they make, people that mindlessly kiss the ground they walk on and sometimes even foolishly give them money just to get more powerful in the game (which in and of itself is mind boggling), enabling them to become more and more greedy and turn the game into nothing more than a low money-grabbing tool. If all players stopped paying they would be forced to take a step back and make the game at least a bit more fair and balanced. So yeah, I don’t entirely blame it on SG themselves; blind supporters and shoppers are definitely to blame as well.
Personal achievements should be earnt, not bought.

I hope you can join me in complaining about how SG do not provide enough flags for all 75 floors in Magic Tower, they only provide 50 flags.

Assuming/hoping you’re not beign sarcastic, that is not fair either because that means the only way to complete the Tower is by buying flags. I have to admit I haven’t looked into it very closely yet.

I am telling you the truth… they really do it.

Fine, if you’re serious then start a thread addressing it.

Not at all. The game is right where it is right, and wrong where it is wrong. In terms of the boards, it is right.

It does certianly sound that way. My request was pretty simple, especially considering the scope of your claim. Thank you for showing, once again, that those who believe the boards are rigged have absolutely no evidence behind them. At best you are grossly exaggerating due to confirmation bias, and at worst you are blatantly lying. Either way, your claim is a waste of everyone’s time. Should you ever change your mind (you won’t) and manage to get videos of 10 consecutive bad boards (you can’t) I would be most interested to see them.


There are few already up:


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