What's the relevance of snipers in November 2021?

Hello everybody!

Got myself the last Aether to LB a green hero and Lianna with costume bonus has been a staple in my defense and attack teams for a very long time. I’ve considered limit breaking her.

But then I read some advice stating that snipers are not really worth limit breaking… When I look at top teams, most of them don’t rely on snipers… When I started the game in 2019 I was amazed at Lianna, Magni, Sartana, etc. But now I wonder if they are as relevant and efficient as they used to be, with the new heroes being released. Should I keep snipers on the wing for my defense teams or has that ship sailed already?

How do you use snipers in 2021?

When you look at top teams you are seeing their defenses. I imagine at the top snipers are less than ideal with the huge array of heroes they have to choose from for defense. Who is used on attack you don’t know unless you are regularly raided by them and can thus review who they attack with.

I am nowhere near the top so take this with a grain of salt, but I still rely on snipers because that is what the game has chosen to give me. I even still use two on my defense, but I mainly consider them for attack. When I am finally able to LB a 5* chances are it will be a sniper.


I think snipers are great, but it depends of who you have exactly and your strategy. If you have for example Cobalt, Onyx, Quennel or Melia maybe snipers don’t seem so cool anymore, but how many manage to get these heroes?

I was wondering myself which 5* to lb and personally I’d choose between Fogg and Lianna because their increased attack stats are multiplied a lot with their special skill damage and because they could also use more survivability.


I only use snipers on defense if they’re just my best hero as I don’t have too many defensive studs.

I love snipers for offense. Generally if I have two I can take out an enemy. That makes the rest of the fight easier.

If you don’t have a better hero, limit break the good ones you have.


This is my favourite Yellow team. I rarely lose with it and it’s designed to survive long enough to let the Snipers do there thing. Since the game loves to give me Yellow Snipers I just built the team around that.

Sif is amazing and I’d happily take a spare for my 2nd yellow team and of course the Prof but I was very happily using Gullibursti before her. He’s on my 2nd yellow and tbh there’s raids where I wished he still was. His hit all can be mighty helpful to finish off the work your snipers start.


On offense I like to double sniper or aoe… ideally if I can take out one hero and cripple another with a block (mindless, silence, mana block, ghost) I should be able to win the battle from there… all about getting those 9 tiles before you get crushed.

A couple team examples:
Green: c. Melondor, garjammal, lianna, zocc, c. Tusk.

Purple: c. Rigard, seshat, lepiota, domitia+CB or grimble, gullibursti.

Blue #2: krampus, c. Kiril, magni, c. Sonya (or CB depending if I want cleanse or dispel), telluria

Yellow: d’andre, leonidas (over joon), malosi bai yeong, c. Boldtusk.

Blue #1 and red are aoe based, figured I’d add cause.perhaps it is relevant because we are discussing AOE or snipers:

Blue #1: c. Kiril, skadi, morel, Vela, vivica.

Red: Wilbur, anzogh, Marijana, elena+CB, c. Rigard (note this team will be getting changes soon once 3rd mana is at 11, adding a 2nd anzogh and dropping either marjana or elena)

IMHO, snipers are not as efficient anymore with emblems and LB making defenses tougher faster than the growth in damage offenses generate.

From observation only, a decent sniper (say Fogg +20) will do 1000 points of damage, net of defense down debuff, to a typical 5☆ +20. Say it was hit by someone like Frigg +20 for 200 points of damage beforehand. That’s 1200 damage which isn’t nearly enough to take out a +20 5☆ which usually has 1500 or more health. You’ll need the defense down and TWO snipers to take one opponent out (and waste the excess damage).

Contrast that with a team of say, C. Tibs, Killhare, and Skadi. C. Tibs does 200 to all, KH does 500 to all, and Skadi does 300 to all. That’s 1000 Damage to all heroes, and tile damage probably means 2 or even 3 are dead.

First scenario, you might have an advantage but there are likely still 4 heroes remaining, with a decent amount of health. You still have a fight on your hands.

Second scenario is an almost certain win.


I use them to kill priority targats and as defenders as I dont have the META AoE “save or suck” heroes as Frigg, Odin, Morel, Elizabeth etc.

Powercreep pushed snipers out if defenses META as the best heroes now usually hits/affects all targets.

Ps. I didn’t limit break my Lianna but my Grefjon is lv 85, she is very useful for attacks… but for defenses she is subpar.


I raid with mono now, but at the start i used a rainbow team to raid. I used Mother north-magni-onatel-kage-marj. My goal was to kill the tank with kage+magni or marj then ghost tiles down the middle to recharge them. Mother and onatel would slow the game down enough for my snipers to recharge and fire. So you are right, it took 2 sniper hits to kill an enemy hero.

Fastforward to a couple of years later where i run mono… for my green mono i run mother-hansel-liana-frigg-almur. Tiles usually kill the tank, then the 4 fast heroes charge together and usually with frigg and almurs def debuff followed by lianas snipe, it takes down another hero. Hansel neuters another heroe who i now can dump useless tiles on… in this case 1 sniper with dd/edd kills 1 hero.

My blue mono team is cKiril-magni-frida-fenrir-lepus. Again all of them charge at the same time so usually tiles can kill 1, cKiril+frida+lepus can kill 3, magni and fenrir clean up.

My mono red takes a diff approach- i have grazul-marj-jf-zim-elizabeth. No dd/edd here but i rely on zim+jf+elizabeth for mass damage with marj picking off choice targets.

Still working on mono purple and yellow right now but both also are sniper oriented.

I guess my point is that you have to work with what you have. In a vacum, snipers alone are not enough to win. You have to look for the right combo of heroes in order to get the most- and this is what i really love about this game.

Snipers aren’t dominant on defenses like they used to be, but they can still pose a threat and are still great on offense. I find them especially useful on regular and reverse raid formations, and in war… even more so in equalizer.

When it comes to breaking a hero, find someone you like and use a lot and has versatility; possibly someone on your defense, war team, raid team and titan team.

Single target damage dealers might of lost some popularity, but they are in no way obsolete. I wouldn’t mind a kage or gefjon landing in my roster…


Well I just got francine and costume so once maxed I will try dropping lianna.

I like to use snipers in attack and defense. Speed is a key in my strategy. I take out the opponents one by one. So speed and attack strength are important. Mono helps too. Sif and Lindenbrock, for example, are no longer so creepy when they are alone and you have a dispeller on top.

I use snipers in all my teams raiding in diamond ( except red stack) and I have snipers in my defence in Seshat (soon to be LB) and Poseidon ( already LB)

If you are talking relevancy in the top 100 players defence teams then probably not. But there is a huge chunk of the game outside of that where they are relevant and are used often to great effect. Including attacking the defence teams of the top leaderboard players.

I just imagined Sif and the Prof stalking people from some bushes :rofl:


I still rely heavily on snipers for offense. I especially like the snipers that come with added utility.

In terms of limit breaking them… the only 5* I’ve limit-broken is C-Marjana. I do think the added stats from limit breaking will benefit a sniper, giving added damage and longevity. I’m considering limit-breaking Lepus next (I’ve already limit broken Sonya-C and Kiril) over Aegir, Isarnia and Richard-C.

As others have said, snipers maybe don’t often appear on top defenses… and I think that some players prefer to limit break heroes on their defense, to get an edge in Wars. So maybe that’s why some players don’t limit break their snipers - if they use other heroes on their defense.

As for using snipers on defense, I think it depends on who else you got AND where you want to be re cups. I have Lianna and C-Joon as wings on my defense (I use reverse), with Azlar, Lepus and Bera in the middle (yes, it’s a mild cup-dropping defense). This still easily keeps me in the 2450-2600 cup range overnight. For someone who wants to maintain 2700+ cups, this won’t work.


You got the point! :rofl:

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Thanks everybody, I’ll level break Lianna then!