Whats the point of "rare" titans


As far as we know, equal odds of getting any of the new titans.


They go in a cycle don’t they?
And no one has yet reported that escaped ones have returned, so we can assume that the cycle continues.


1/23 got the Royal Tabard


1/30 for us, fighting that very same Titan.


I should draw a plan where we break into H.Queen’s dressroom and steal all of her tabards :thinking:


Killed 11* unicorn today. Not a single Telescope reported so far. For myself it‘s 0 bonusrolls out of 6 rare titans… whata trash…


i’ve gotten one bonus item across maybe 12 rare titans across 2 accounts.


Wow that‘s a lot. One 4* mat in 2 accounts after…3 months? :joy: :rofl:


yah, rare titans could have been a nice treat but other than right when they were released i rarely hear of any alliance getting more than 1-2 bonus items out of 30. <insert poop :poop: emoji>


As I said in another topic about rare Titan Loot:

What I’d like to see is an algorithm that doesn’t calculate probability of an item for each slot independently, but instead calculates a pool of a promised item that will be distributed as a loot between alliance members.
Something like: Min amount + RNG(count_of_alliance members/2)

  • "min amount" is an integer that depends on a Titan stars
  • RNG(count_of_alliance members/2) is a randomly generated value between 0 and half (quarter, 1/8) of alliance members.

Calculated amount of items can be randomly distributed among alliance members with non zero participation. Distribution can be implemented with regard to a tier (damage done to the Titan).

With this approach a reward will be adequate to an increased difficulty of a rare Titan killing and it will give a strong incentive to alliances because menu players are in a strong need for 4* not farmable ascension items. As a commercial part of it rare Titans can be accompanied by a special offer of Titan energy flasks for gems or real money. I’m sure that with an adequate price many will gladly buy them.


I personally don’t care to have more ways or chance of ascenson items.
I’m fine, and it is fun to fight something different.
But for crying out loud, don’t write “increased chance of getting amazing stuff”.

Increased how much?
Compared to what?

Just be real and don’t sell illusions.


Rare titans are more rare than guaranteed “rare” quests, and yet the bonus chance is just bull. Three rare titans so far, and only one telescope and one tabard reported. Just like elemental chest once were something to look forward to, now are becoming more and more of an obstacle that just costs you more energy to be done with.


We defeated 9* unicorn, there was one scope reported across entire alliance.


I don’t like the whole “use time stops or die” with the rare titans.


The last 3 rare titan (2 of 8* and 1 of 9*) didn’t give us the special element of ascension. Only to one of us … I think this is a scam … we want a compensation :slight_smile:


would Be cool if they released odds for this one aswell


My alliance did couple of rare titans and not a single member got the bonus chance AM. Without odds being published there really no point of killing yourself over getting these.


The odds for the bonus roll are so low, it’s hard to look at this feature as anything but not worth the needed effort in this aspect.

For me, the value in the feature “rare titans” is the extra challenge, bringing the feeling of success and accomplishment when - by throwing in flasks and all - our alliance manages to hit so far above our weight and kill one of these rare beasts. Yes, they have a distinct fun factor. And given how “fun” is the point of a game for me, that’s nothing to scoff at.

But the extra ascension item reward part of “rare titans” is just wholly underwhelming, if not :poop: .


Our last two rare titans escaped. We did not try to kill them for any cost and reason is simple - odds to get that extra AM are so low. Usually 1 or nobody gets that bonus. I personally never got, same as other top hitters in our alliance. I said before, rare titans are nice idea but all fun is killed when you are getting loot and never triggered that bonus. One time is ok, two times ok but 10+ times are not fun anymore.


I agree that the reward isn’t worth the extra items and flasks required. Two accounts, all rates killed since these rates were released, no bonus items.

My suggestion:

  • boost odds of the bonus item
  • guarantee some minimum number of bonus items across the alliance, e.g. one item per 10 members
  • add a chance for a color-relevant 3* item in the bonus slot, e.g. orbs, gloves and compasses if darts are on offer.

Having a guaranteed minimum removes a bit of the RNG randomness that can be so frustrating in E&P.