Whats the point of "rare" titans

So we killed a 5× “rare” titan and all it is…is HARDER to kill… it still dropped trash loot like most we kill…and no magic drink or what ever… whats the point if the drop rate for a rare is the same as any titan???


I agree… I have killed 5 rare titans between 2 accounts and got nothing


Well the bonus chance no matter how small it is - it is there somewhere :smiley:
Just see it as new content and don‘t expect too much of it. I can‘t wait to get the gryphon finally!

Oooh, you got 5 already, what was the red one? Any screenshots.

I like the rares, they have not given anythin of value yet, but they are nice change of pace and finally a reason to use my flasks. Only problem is that I hate the translated name of the gryphon. (in finnish translation)

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What star titans have you been killing? Also are your other alliance members actually reporting what they got?

Yesterday we got 7* Rare and this is what I got for a A+

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Ok, and this is what I got from my titan:

What is your point? Were you expecting everyone to get it? It’s still a percentage CHANCE at getting the 4* AM, not guaranteed. Although my alliance did report 3/30 people getting it which is 10%. On the next rare titan I didn’t get it but some other members did. Again it was about 3/30 that got it. It’s not super good but better than nothing. You get lucky sometimes and win and sometimes you gotta let other people win. Would you rather not have any chance at all?


The point is to seduce you into spending consumables for an undocumented extra chance at a 4* ascension material.

However, that undocumented extra chance is so small, you had better count on not getting it. For if you do, you’ll be disappointed.

So what’s left is bragging rights and the typical loot you’d get for any titan. Basically I find these “rare titans” very underwhelming. They did not deliver what I expected from them. Part of me feels baited and switched by SG with this feature.


I think they should buff the odds a bit. We killed 3 rare titans, one 7 star and two 10 stars, and the alliance got 1 drop I believe combined (could be wrong, but it wouldn’t be more than 3 alltogether)

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We have had similar luck…

Ok, I have not killed a rare titan so I am going by the screenshots and it looks like “rare” means you get a bonus tier. The TL+ score tier+ 1. An A score on a 9* titan should give the player TierXI while the screenshot shows TierXII. Is this how it works?

The point is that this kind of titans are considerably harder to kill but difference in loot comparing to common titans is unrecognizable. We kill 3 rare titans so far and asked each other who got declared loot. It turns out to be the same number of people as if we killed any other titan. No recognizably higher drops at all.

In my understanding efforts and rewards need to be balanced.


Hey bud. The main hook for Rare titans is that they also give a chance of a 4* ascension item. Very few people if any will get one but otherwise.

We’ve taken down 2 (a 6 and 7 I believe) and a total of 2 AM dropped (I was lucky with a telescope on the 2nd).

FWIW my main takeaway was that rare titans offer both a new challenge and a different type of battle. I enjoyed having to rethink my titan attack strategy and hope to fight more regardless of rewards. I also don’t drop a ton of battle items in titan battles though as we only hit more accessible titans that don’t require them, so maybe a bit more relaxed.

This could have been a great feature, something that people could look forward to, but instead is just another battle item sink. Across our alliances haven’t seen more than 2, maybe 3 people get one per titan and when you have a 12 or 14 star (we got a rare 14 before they took out the 13-14s) rare titan and need the items, the effort vs payout just isn’t there.


Dante, good to see you back.

My q though is about the loot tier. Do you mean this is an extra slot?

I am just puzzled by it. With Revelate gone there is no one updating the old titan loot tier guide, I am just trying to figure out what changes have gone by with little or no discussion.

It’s both, a +1 to loot tier and an extra slot.
The +1 is always present. The extra slit is for the bonus chance item, if you receive it shows last in the loot (that last spot being the extra slot)

Look up at DMP’s titan. See where the scope is last item, yet there are still the normal 3 ascension slots for the Dagger, Chainmail and sharpening stone. Rare titan % chance comes in the last slot.

But I agree with Dante… rare titans are rare, much like rare quests. yet rare titans don’t give everyone the item… Which is should.

We killed 5x 6* and nobody get item. But i think bigger titans have bigger chance, but still really low. But ppl will use more items becouse it is harder to kill them and it means spend more money…

You killed 5 rare titans already? So how did the fourth and fifth look like?

No rares not worth the effort at all. Excitement is gone.


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