What's the point of Atlantis now?

Sure sure, an insurance policy… I can get behind it, was just curious to see your PoV

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My maximum flag is 53. So each flask gives me 53 flags.

Been there…
At 10 more right now…

Nice! Hopefully I can get there soon.

Last AR was the one I played less. Throw one flask, while in others was like 15 flasks…haven’t got much willingness to play after making everything. Made my pulls and no 5* of atlantida…so boring

It’ll be sooner rather than later, I’m sure!

I Always try to view events and their summons as two sepparate things.
I for example loved the ninja tower, really loved it, loved the mechanic (I was pretty vocal about it here: NINJA TOWER: Musings from a Veteran Player). But I didn’t really evaluate the portal. Ninjas are pretty porwerfull and i’d ove to have Onyx and Cobalt, but after 3 years I already learned that chasing a hero is no something you can do in this game. I think the Tavern of Legends needs some improvements , also spoke a lot about it here: TAVERN OF LEGENDS: Improvements on ToL Gameplay from a Veteran PoV but, once again, i’m talking about the event, not about the portal.

I tend to try to avoid getting frustated with summons, there a lots of heroes I’d like to get, but I don’t allow myself to create the expecatation

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Got your flasks ready? I only have 38 this month (should get 3 more on the friday deal)…

So had 713 back packs left got…

Soo just over 300 got 4 days left on my Tc2
Got 30 flasks to use 42 WE per flask.
Let’s go!

i just burnt 60 loot ticket without getting a single atlantis coin!! is this normal?? i mean this isn’t right…

That’s very low. I farm maps with 4 waves of monsters. That gives you more chances for seadragon to appear. I think I got 100 coins from 5 flasks ( of 43we) .

you are not alone…
Atlantis rise not giving Atlantis Coins

I farmed those too, without getting a single coin. This is defenitely a bug.

Since I switched to 9-10 I got zero coins when I had constantly some on 15-9… srsly SG get it together, let us have at least free coins…

what stages did you farm?

Mostly S2-1-7N for backpack and S2-9-9N for exp points and recruits. Both maps have 3we and four stages of monsters.

I am in agreement with @ angkritr that Atlantis is the best time for farming. After watching a few youtube videos, it was pointed out that this is the best way to level up as well as the experience gained does not diminish, just the cost to play each level. And if you do it right and save your loot tickets and WE flasks, you gain gain a couple of levels during this brief window and stock up on equipment to fill your TC’s and keep them running until the next Atlantis Rises window.

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28 flasks used, one level up plus other bits of various WE used.

Around 1200 backpacks got tc2 for a month 857 backpacks left.


When atlantis event is going on i take advantage of the cheaper cost to farm after all that’s how you level up in this game.Farming get you leveling up super fast, i save world energy and loot tickets just for this event plus they give you more items then normal during this event. so even though i have finished all levels i still farm 24/7 when atlantis raising event comes

How many WE points you have normally available on your level?

How do you farm 24/7 for 4 days?

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