What's the point of Atlantis now?

So, SS2 already ended one year ago. SS3 also started 4 months ago. SG also has replaced the Atlantis coins we once received to the now Valhalla coins.

At this point, I feel like Atlantis rise doesn’t have any meanings anymore. There are so little means for us to receive Atlantis coins, especially for those who already have finished SS2. Rely on those seadragons is like rely on the odd of the summon portal.

I feel like Atlantis rise now is just an event to fill up the gap between Vahalla and monthly Challenge event. Is this the time when we should abolish this summon portal completely and should it be merged to the Epic Hero Summon? All the Atlantis coins should be get rid too, and we will receive the gems that match with the coin value.


Come to think of it, why not add a reset featutre to Atlantis? Kind of like the war board. Once all levels on normal and hard are done, coins counter should reset and coins become available again for completing the maps. That would allow free players a few more chances to get some S2 heroes…


Atlantis Rise is the best farming spot for the rest of the month. I pour WE flasks about 12-14 flasks every month to get crafting materials, fodder training materials and chancs to get Hotm that does not available at TOL yet.

I will be able to train about 1000 of 1-2* fodders from materials collected, and keep TC 1,2, 19 busy for about 2 weeks…


Well, I look forward to Atlantis Rises every month to stock up on recruits and backpacks. Pretty much the only things I buy now (c2p trying to turn vc2p) are loot tickets to farm Atlantis Rises. So yes, this event is very useful! I actually still have a few hard levels left to go, but I never do them during the Rises event - the low energy cost is much more efficient channeled into recruit and backpacks farming.

Re Atlantis summons, I’ve given up on them completely since after 1.5 years of playing (including buying almost all the small atlantis offers and a fair number of ten pulls), I have only ONE 5* Atlantis hero, who I got on a single coin pull last month. At this point, I couldn’t care less about the Atlantis portal. I’ve got a few 5s in my roster, a lot of 4s with interesting specials to play around with and a steady flow of heroes (from various portals) that I need to level. Atlantis is just one of them, if I get something, good. If I don’t, I’ll just move to the next event portal.


Just farming…thats all…sad

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Spot for Hotm that are old but not old enough to be sent to the Tavern of Legends or HA retirement village


That’s true for Season 1 as well. And will be true for Season 3 next year lol.

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There’s still people playing through Atlantis remember. So whilst you have finished it (as have I) there’s lots of people who haven’t.

So it’s tough to see the bigger picture but just because something is no longer relevant to you doesn’t make it irrelevant to everyone.

The rest of us use it to farm for sure but Atlantis has a point still.


What maps is better for farming backpacks in atlantis rising

No atlantis Rising = no events

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As a new player I find it relevant, just because you have completed it and have all the heroes others still require the heroes.



New players start the game everyday…


Agree with many points above:

  • it’s still story to complete for newer players
  • portal remains unique with featured hero & featured past HotMs (remember not everyone played in 2019 to get them); some Atlantis heroes are still very much desired
  • the monthly event with increased loot is probably the best farming feast in this game, especially since they decided to make relics useless (i.e. for S1 only)

At some point they will probably need to rethink their approach to events, as they already squeeze as much as they can from the month and new content keeps coming, but I’d be sad to see Atlantis go.


Because of new players, I don’t really see any way to make Atlantis “go away” — you have to be able to use the coins you get. As others have said, Atlantis Rises is ideal for farming. I would like to see the seadragon rate tweaked now that no coins drop other than 300 from PoV. In my farming this month, I don’t think I’m going to hit 100…

I hit 100 from seahorses this month. It’s total pot luck though.

If AR went away and SG did nothing to balance loot drops. (e.g. implement bonus loot for S3/permanently reduce S2/S3 WE costs) I would quit. Without at least one TC2 running, leveling heroes is too slow. It’s bad enough that they took the extra day away.


1.2 N is the best for backpacks

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AR is the best event of the month. Love it! :heart_eyes:


Farming atlantis keeps my tc-s going, it gets me approx 30-40% of xp needed for leveling 12-16 flasks used.
Gets me 1-2 pulls with coins, last month i somehow got 3.
Coins drop rate (seadragons) should be increased by 20-30 %. I think that would increase overall satisfaction of players especially when you consider that farming atlantis is so much work.


Same to you, friend… no ideea what he said…


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