What's the most war wins in a row?

Just wondering what the most war wins in a row is for alliances.?
We never seem to get past 4 in a row.
It’s getting quite frustrating.


Yes it is frustrating ( see notes )


Still out there @Elpis ?


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Thanks for the link…
But I’m more interested in straight wins in a row without any manipulation on matchmaking.

very good question, we have been at 7 in a row, but we have had some players coming / leaving between the wars, so Iam pretty sure that this is not expressive.

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I believe that record is still ours. 22 wins in a row. (and no manipulating or some such)


Wow… that’s good going. At least i know it’s possible now :rofl:

Four in a row is pretty good. SG’s war matching methodology results in there not being long winning or losing streaks for most alliances.

I track war data for a few alliances, and winning streaks of 5 to 10, while not common, aren’t unusual. Streaks of 10 and above are impressive.

Of those I know of, СИНДИКАТ has the current longest winning streak at 10. SErotonin had 16 wins in a row not long ago.

What those two alliances and a few others have in their favor are two things. They are much, much better on offense than other alliances at their same max war tier, and they benefit from a war score “bubble” that works to shelter them to some degree from very unfavorable war pairings.

A few alliances benefit from fighting at less than 30 teams, which can also help extend winning streaks.


My longest Streak is 64. It was a long time ago

Longest winning streak is 5 for my current alliance but we will likely lose today lol…

With my previous alliance, longest record is again 5 wins in a row…

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