What's the most common in-game user name? Staff response Post #36

I stand behind my #toomanyEddards, and as we all know that hashtag has absolutely caught on like wildfire.

Is there a name that you constantly see, that being to multiple members?

Also looking at you, Ragnarock.


I am not going to go to the trouble of making the Cyrillic characters, but it looks roughly like:


And I believe translates to Andrew.

Definitely Eddard. Seriously, who is this guy? Maybe that is a common name in Europe or something, but I personally have never met anyone named Eddard. Yet every week, I am either raided by an Eddard, or an Eddard is requesting to join my alliance. Whoever this guy is, he really gets around.

There’re plenty of Gandalfs of various colours.

Gandalf the Red being the wisest, of course :magered:

You have GoT to be kidding me :wink:


I see many Gerards (mainly in russian alliances) and I have one Gerard in my alliance

I would guess Arthur, as I have seen a handful of those.

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I read a long time ago that Eddard is the default name placed by the game whenever it thinks the user name is “inappropriate”!

LOL okay, Google says it’s a name of American origin, but I was born and raised in the United States, lived here for many years, been to multiple states, and have never ever met anyone named Eddard. Edward, yes. Eddard, no. Must be a GoT reference.

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Right, eddard is everywhere and i’ve seen this name so often. What country use eddard as common name or this is auto name given by RNG?


@Eddard, we want answers!!


Don’t forget @eddard1 @eddard2 @Eddard3 @Eddard_Loulou and @Eddard2011


We are Eddard and we are many, yet none. I am The Eddard - not to be confused with your eddard my eddard An eddard or that pesky eddard from ohio.


Eddard Stark (played by Sean Bean) fictional character created by GRR Martin, in his book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” Lord of Winterfell, brought on screen by HBO in a 8 seasons series over a 9 years period. Probably one of the most watched shows in television history… Winter is coming… :wink:


Yes, I know about the fictional character, I am familiar with GoT. I just don’t know any real people with that name.

Sure, sure, of course people will want to name their characters after a character from a famous fantasy medieval RPG-ish series. I’m kinda into nerdy stuff like that myself. I would fully expect to see 10,000 Jon Snows or Daenerys Targaryens, just didn’t expect to see 1,000,000 players named after a character who died in the first season. :laughing:


Woah!! Spoiler alert!


That’s because until 9 years ago nobody named their child Eddard :grin:

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Whoops… sorry, I mean, Ned Stark might still be alive… :grin:

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I prefer Edmund Blackadder.


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