What's the meaning of spirit link?

I have no idea. Can someone explain it to me?

Once the special fires, there are two parts:

  1. everyone gets a large defense buff, 63% defense buff, and
  2. the damage from any source is divided in 5 and spread out amongst all heroes (though it’s lessened by the defense buff).

for example, if this was up and an enemy Joon is going to hit for 1000 damage before defense is applied, each hero will get 200 damage before defense, and then with the defense and colors, each hero’s damage will be applied individually.

EDIT - let me know if that’s not clear, I can make a video explaining in action if that’s more helpful.


Better with a video plss…Is quite weird

The Special lasts for 5 turns. It shares/spreads out damage from one hero to all (so there is less damage on one).

Keep in mind these stats are for a maxed card with 8/8 special. Your stats will be lower if you haven’t maxed your card and/or special.

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