Whats the logic? One heroe that kill himself?

He Kills himself every time we use it? Why he even exist?

He has a massive attack stat and therefore special attack damage is also really high for a 3*. The -20% defense is the price you pay for that high attack.

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He’s like that Guild Wars 1 necro that uses the bomb blast necro/sin skillset to take out multiple mobs in one hit.

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Take one for the team and 20 charssss


I used him in Beginner until round 8 to kill morgan. Only didn’t take him on rounds with Arthur and he did just fine and never died

If you use Aeron first, that -20% Special doesn’t ever kick in. :wink:


I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to make the ‘Lepus Jenkins’ comparison, but never can find an appropriate place to put it.