What's the hero majority dislikes, but you'd like to have

It’s probably down to team composition, where we differ. I use both Greg and Hansel - but then, my Greg charges in 9 tiles (+8 mana node and level 17 mana troop), so he’s basically fast.

rest of my team is C-Melendor, almost always Francine (as there is almost always something to cleanse), and last slot rotates between Lianna, Margaret and Marcel.

Now, if my Greg charged in 10 tiles, I would be using Lianna instead.

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I was probably running Eve, Zeline and Buddy on that team where Buddy took the big mana troop. #5 was a Rigard.

When I left the game there was a Kingston, Francine, Frigg and Rat also in the roster so Greg was just for titans and the map.

I don’t recall neith having so much hate… But i like her with hanitra… And then motega sets his permanent blind…

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I was not playing when she appeared, but I remember seeing her name pop up a couple of times in “worst/ useless heroes” threads

My apologies, I was not clear. I do not have her, but would like to add her to my collection. :grin:

And I did not intend to argue strength of any kind in her case, simply my intended use. The OP asked about heroes we’d like to have that others dislike. Several have made a case for why their pick is under-appreciated, but that is not my intent here.

I like the idea of having a voodoo priestess on my side. :wink: Her and Neith are welcome to join me any time.

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Sorry then, my misunderstanding of your post/ topic then :slight_smile: I like the character myself as such (I got her on Black Friday), but I did not level her since my pragmatic side chose to focus on stronger heroes :slight_smile:

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I can’t say I blame you. As of today I have an abundance of tabards and no hero I’d like to bring up at this time, so perhaps I’d consider her.

But congrats on the Black Friday luck! I’ll always take a 5* over another Valen.

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  1. Salmon Loki. I think the damage he can do is significant
  2. Second Myztero
  3. Zhuge Liang. I think would work well with Noor

I pulled zhuge… I haven’t found a good synergy for him… So far, I’m going with Anastasia/motega and pengi… But not great. Hulda at average speed would have been nice… But i didn’t pull her.

I joined the game way after Zeline was introduced as a HOTM… Was curious about her artwork pre “nerf” so I looked up for info on the forum… Saw the pre-nerf pic… So basically she is wearing more clothes now :joy:

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Costumes usually provide a hero with a buff but in Zeline’s case the costume removed her from being in the buff.

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While she is quite dated, she may be the key to limiting xnolphod’s extra power

I adore my Guinevere - she´s my :star2: Whether that says more about where I am in game than it does about her power, I am not sure of, but she replaced Li Xiu on my team, and that´s quite the improvement for me :heart_eyes:


I totally forgot, even though one poster mentioned her.

Jade. I’d love to pull Jade. My play style tends to revolve around keeping my heroes alive as long as possible (hence why I think Luigi and Myztero are awesome) and I’d love to pull Jade. Pair her up with another mana cutting or controlling hero (like Onatel or Neith) and you can have an interesting match.

@Homaclese this one? :slight_smile: