What's the hero majority dislikes, but you'd like to have

The question is simple. Of all the heroes being bashed as bad or unusable or whatever, what’s the hero majority dislikes, but you’d like to have or just generally like the hero.
Hero that’s disliked by majority and I’d like to have would be Nemo. I find him to be situational, yes, but when uses correctly, he can be awesome.
Also, Guinevere! She’s not disliked, but people think she’s useless. I disagree totally! I mentioned in some topic that there’s an ongoing joke ij my alliance I like Guin so much I’d give my left titty (the bigger one) to pull her.
Also, I just don’t understand the hate Myztero gets. Same as Nemo, he’s situational, but can be awesome of utilized in the right way.

I assume most people expect all the heroes, to be worthy of summoning, to be useful in every situation, offense, defense, DOT, sniper, healer, which is ridiculous.


I really struggled to think of one I dislike but want but possibly Gregorian cos I like the artwork.

I also really want Zeline

Not necessarily the one you dislike, but the one other people dislike, but you’d like to have.

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Zeline pre artwork nerph was quite…flashy. Heads and tails above other hero artwork. It was assinine what they did. Butt it is what it is…hopefully the art nerph hammer does not rear its head again.


I would like to have Salmon Loki, I don’t mind a bit of randmoness in speciall skills and his special can be great.


Gregorian then I think he’s not so popular with others.

Great subject! Great because I really had to think long and hard about this. While I mostly need Yellow and purple to strengthen depth, I think Atomos would be the hero that I’d really like but he doesn’t get a lot of love. Sure he’s now very functional since the recent buff, but he’s not loved by many long time players.


I like him, a lot of the time he is my last man standing for obvious reasons and I can ghost and generally he kills the last opponent.

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Neith tends to get a lot of hate, but back then I wanted to pull her - blind and mana cut to all at average speed isn’t too bad.

that was then though, now average speed is very meh…

Gregorion is one I DO have, and I agree he seems to be dismissed by many. But, I use mine more than Lianna, and he’s a good sniper and the crit boost is nice… though, I do have him at +8 so he fires in 9 tiles. The crit boost and element link make him a better choice for my team, generally, than Lianna IMO


Totally Jack. For me that can be Baldur for obvious reasons. Those heroes that can keep you alive while knocking out an extra hero or two while filling your raid chest are useful for sure!


I remember how much I hated going against her back in the day, and there was this one time when I went with Onatel against her, thinking Onatel’s special can slow her down, but forgot that Neith is immune to mana control.
I pulled Neith during one ToL, have her on 10ish emblems and use her in every war and raiding often.


I am waiting for captain diamonds in HA8 even most people hate him. Main target is Lancelot but I wouldn’t mind a minion destroyer since I don’t own C. gormek neither grimble.


Greg looks like the guy that pumps petrol for a living and listens to Def Leppard. With that said, he is very good against blue titans due to the crit buff and strong color tile damage.


Red Hood. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Because…Well…

Isn´t she lovely lookin’ :musical_note: :hearts:

(I placed her in the dislike category, because everwhere I hear how weak she has become and how she´s so underwhelming)


A lot say agrafena is the weakest magic hero and it’s probably true especially with the recent buff (her passive of dealing 100% damage is by far the worst one by a mile). But she’s my only missing magic hero so I want her the most

She can still be used effectively in challenge events and wars sometimes.

The artwork is one of the best.


Vela. 20 characters.

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Her special animation graphics are the best. I still enjoy using her for fun just because of that. Unfortunate destiny for such an iconic hero


Oooh, I must check that out - I haven´t faced her a lot at all. Lots of little foxes running around? :fox_face:

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They were the best until WREN came along, AMAZING!