What's the gripe with Alliance Wars?

I’m a bit confused about how much hate Alliance Wars is getting. People are demanding an “opt out” option or “protesting” by fielding 1 hero defense teams, and I’m left scratching my head over it. Here’s why:

There is no penalty for losing an alliance war! BOTH sides get rewards!

So why on earth would you not want to participate? Win or lose, you get free stuff! As long as you set up a defense team ONCE, you will default to that team forever. If you truly hate the war, just don’t participate. You lose nothing by doing nothing.


My only gripe about AW is my current war status … my alliance has 18 players in the war … the opponent now has 3 because 1 left the alliance … !

First off, I totally agree with your positive outlook. I really enjoy Alliance Wars. Indeed looking at it the way you (and I) do, there’s no losing AW, it’s all win win. However, our positive perspective isn’t one that everyone shares.

Gripes are all about how you define fun. And that’s a personal thing. There are players that are very competitive. For them the fun of the game is not as much in the gaming it self, but a lot more in the winning.

Alliance wars forces everyone, competitive players as well, to participate. And in doing so twists their arm to win all their wars too, and between them not having a full 30 hero roster yet, opponents being stronger, teams cupdropping, teams fielding 1 hero defs and the relentless revenge bar, getting their win can be a bumpy road.

No, I’m not saying these people are sore losers, far from it! But it’s really important for them to win at everything they do. And being forced to enter a competition where at even odds you have a 50% chance to lose - let alone at oneven odds - is something they didn’t sign up for when they started this game. That’s a big part of it: they didn’t sign up for it when they picked to play this game.

Your option to field a defense team but not participate any further in the war will not work for a lot of players by the way. By not participating they’re letting their team down. You don’t let your team down.

I think SG would do wise to enable an opt out for AW. For the players that just don’t really want to participate. And it would also make competitions fairer for everyone else, because I’d rather participate in an equal fight than in a lopsided one where one of the teams is weakened because of absent members.


Its 2018. There is a large % of the population whose brains have been programmed to just complain about ■■■■ all day. It’s the internet, you are wrong and they are right.

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Thank you for your well-written assessment. Indeed. :wink:

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