What's the deal with rare chests?

I don’t understand why but after every update on this game it seems to be that the rare coloured monster chests are just getting worse and worse!! You work so hard to fill up the chests only to be rewarded with 3x summon tokens and 20 gems!! Really think the developers need to adjust the rewards in these chests!! :roll_eyes:


Adjust or simply return them to how they were in the beginning?


Exactly there’s no need to change them they were great as they were :joy:

I was just chatting with my alliance about this after getting an ice chest this morning that only had 3 daily tokens in it. They all agreed they’d been getting similar rewards lately.

It would really engender positive feelings within the player base if this was addressed. The chests are rare and it’s exciting to get one; having it be such a poor reward is anticlimactic and deflating.


The charm of seeing a rare chest killed him for the rewards, now only an object of ascension and 20 gems, is not the same as before, they are damaging everything to convert it to buy everything

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It’s been like this since ~Winter-ish…for a bit when I started, the rare chests always had 2 unfarmables and at least one gold token…but they didn’t show up as often, even if you skipped chests. Now they show up more often, but they have 3-star unfarmables in them (battle manual, boots, scabbard) and are usually all silver.


Please make the elemental chests not suck again, devs. The past two I did gave me 3 silver tokens. Those are useless. The excitement of getting these things is gone.

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I’ve been getting nothing but silver tokens for months and months now… last time I had something worth mentioning was a golden troop token back around Christmas.

They do still give a gold token occasionally, but it’s the exception, not the rule. I got Gravemaker off a rare chest token though.

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I wish I saw enough rare chests to identify a pattern :joy::joy:

I did have a nature chest last week though, that yielded gloves and darts (but no gold token). Can’t say I was gutted about that.

Yep just got the worst luck with nature chest
2 frigging chain mails and 2 silver coins with 1 gold troop coin as a consolation. Still disgusted though.

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