What's the craziest drama you made/or witnessed in your actual/previous alliances

Blessing in disguise indeed. That AL sounds abusive.


PLOT TWIST! I am the leader of your former alliance and I’ve been lurking, waiting for you to make a mistake. Now that you revealed yourself, I can finally exact my revenge!


Just kidding. Nothing to see here.


Well, that’s not what you would expect to hear, only if they knew back then how good player and person they are willing to break ties with ;D In my opinion it’s perfectly fine to experience other allies in this game, if one was to spend their whole time playing only in their 1st ally, they would miss so much of the game (sure this doesn’t apply for everyone, we all have different goals and reasons to play.) And they can always come back after adventuring, but in your case why would anyone want to return if they are asked to leave like that! Glad you found better place after that. And thanks for sharing, looking forward for more stories!

And about the 1 Falcon problem; I’ve had similar one with just 1 Franz so I feel you (but today it changed, I got my 2nd Franz, although I don’t know when I can start working on it)! But what I do with the negative mana problem, I always give my highest mana troop (29 regular mana) to those so the +15% mana atleast negates some of that -mana they have (and emblem mana possibly). But still needs a couple of hurricanes/tornadoes/mana pots to fill :s

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Lmao Adams Family like one said.

Yep. I’ve experienced a handful of overpossessive alliance leaders in the game. :rofl:

As already mentioned in this thread, one alliance leader asked me to leave his alliance, because I asked for permission to play with my friends temporarily in a different alliance. :exploding_head::rofl:

And a different alliance leader showed his true colours when I told him I was leaving his alliance to visit friends… So I’ve “lost” not one but two alliances over wanting to visit friends. :woman_shrugging::rofl:


Some of the drama I’ve witnessed, if I told it here you’d think I was making it up! Some people suck.


Oh please @Datootfary don’t leave us hanging. Please tell us at least a few to alleviate a bit of the curiosity! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Maybe you can tell us just one little hilarious story ?

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Let’s see. How about the chick who catfished at least 3 people that I know of. Ms Young Bombshell was actually a 50+ dumpy Brit. She supposedly quit the game….or is she just getting better at hiding.

And then there’s the alliance leader who used to You Tube, who duped a bunch of alliance mates and viewers into sending him a great deal of money by pretending to be broke. After he was found out he was run out of the game.

Then there are the guys who will play your event for money, and get you into the top 100, or even the top 10 if the price is right. And yes this is a true story.


Yes, I remember that happened to at least one of my good friends. :rage:

Like you wrote, some people suck.


Wow! Those are crazy! Did they all occur within one alliance? I’m also amazed that alliances could become some close, in real life.

Thanks a gazillion @Datootfary!! :clap: :grinning: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

No. Different alliances. None that I was in.

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I would have said “So a bunch of anecdotal stuff” had I not seen the same in other games out there. :joy: People are, sadly, capable of anything.

I know all about the second two, but can you give hints about the first?

Sounds sus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

20 characters of /s

Her name was KaityLee


True. And as you have seen, it applies to the game too. After a while, you may let down your guard in an ally or elsewhere, but sadly I think people’s true colours show in time.

If you’re more experienced, and know what to look out for it helps. In both the game, and IRL.

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