What's the craziest drama you made/or witnessed in your actual/previous alliances

:rofl: Huh?! Perhaps “Welcome to the alliance” means something offensive in their language.

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Reminds me of someone who joined us. We welcomed them, and he started swearing in Spanish and then left. Luckily, one of our members knows Spanish and roughly translated it. We figured they were pissed because they must have kept losing against one of our raid defenses. We checked our Watchtower logs and as it turns out, the member who spoke Spanish found the losses by that player. Kind of funny at the time. Still is, though kind of sad when you think about the fact that the player just joined to swear at someone whose defense they couldn’t beat.


There’s one player in my country who does that in the global chat if she was raided by her fellow countrymen telling that one is not allowed to raid your own people with bunch of swearing :smiley: One time I also witnessed that some foreigner joined the chat and said that she has no rights to come swearing to their alliance members, so she must’ve joined that alliance to blame someone who either raided her or she lost to his/hers defense. I’ve heard she’s been doing that for years.


Man, they are taking it a little too seriously.

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I like her already, do we have a space open at the Horde @Steve9999 ?


Times must indeed be bad! Situation must have worsened since I was last headhunted.

Minding my own business in a dead alliance, on a quickie getaway. Killed titan only to find myself not alone in that dead alliance.

French speaking Recruiter found me somehow and asked me to join his alliance. I don’t speak French so I beeped my Leader, who’s French Canadian, for a translation.

He told me to please hurry on home before I have more unintended rendezvous. :joy::rofl:

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This happens cos the game doesn’t allow for p&p pm. Which is a boon in a way cos that can go both ways.


Some recruiters really go above and beyond. :rofl:

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Story #2

Yes, I was effectively kicked from an alliance once. :rofl:

It happened in my third alliance in the game ages ago. A group of my friends were gathering in one place to do alliance war together. I noticed that my alliance was going to win the war, and open our war chest.

I thought it was good timing, and privately messaged my alliance leader (AL) to ask if I could temporarily join my friends’ alliance war.

Unexpectedly, my AL asked me to leave the alliance after collecting my war chest.

I was taken aback, but I respected my AL’s decision so I calmly wrote a farewell message in alliance chat, and left the alliance soon after collecting war chest.

My friend Drew didn’t like how I was treated, and he tried to convince the AL to let me back into the alliance. After his efforts didn’t work out, he left that alliance and followed me to my new alliance led by the awesome @LuluA85.

I’ve been a member of quite a few alliances now (I’ve been playing for 4.5+ years. :crazy_face:) and there’s absolutely no way something like this could happen to me again. :rofl:

This was the first and last time that I tried to stay at an alliance where I wasn’t wanted at the time. :exploding_head:

Later down the track, that AL wanted me back in his alliance. :exploding_head::rofl:

Anyway, I went to war with my friends and had a great time. Was it “worth” losing an alliance over? Yes! I’m still friends with the friends I warred with, that are still playing. :wink:

That is the story of what happened before I properly started my crazy journey back to a top 100 alliance. It’s super crazy since I spend little, and I have far from the typical roster (in terms of heroes). I used my one Guardian Falcon on all 12 flags for the last MT. :unamused::rofl: I have pretty good troops. :wink:

Hope you enjoy reading this @BlackZed! :rofl: @sleepyhead @NicoX @Quiet


what a nice story with a happy ending @SamMe , thank you for sharing :slight_smile: Kudos for hanging out in a top 100 alliance even with a relatively limited hero roster!!

I will be using my one Franz for all 12 flags next MT, so I get you :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m kind of jealous of your tumultuous alliance life. I feel like mine is boring now. The most drama I’ve had is:

Player doesn’t use flags.

Player gets kicked out.

The end.

Same here. He took just 126,574 tiles to charge and he died when the titan looked at him sideways.



For this topic, I think boring is ideal!

I’d say my alliance life is overall pretty stable. It’s just that there have been some occasional noteworthy stories. Maybe I’ll share more stories in the future. :thinking:

Good to know I’m not the only one with “only” one Falcon. :sweat_smile:

@sleepyhead Thank you for your positive feedback! I’m sure you’ll do really well on future MTs with a Franz! :+1::smile:


Thanks @SamMe :slight_smile: maybe I’ll try for a top1% finish now that I have Franz :blush:


Yes please! I’m such a sucker for gossips.

Getting the one was enough of a struggle. Don’t care if he has 1.1 attack and needs 24 big manas pots to fire, he’s staying there.

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Well, very recent. This guy joins an alliance that I’m a member of for 100 days, we’re all like chill, discussing all kinds of topics (although not thoroughly, there is a MSG group for that that I’m not a member of)
So we discuss football one time and he goes on a rant like ‘how can you discuss football in the chat, I hate it’
To which we calmly explain to this bozo that each & every topic is welcome as long as its discussed nicely
Days go by, and this guy goes on long discussions with his friend in the open chat. Discussions that make me want to puke as they discuss pseudo-psychology, while clearly being drunk - as I said, my alliance doesn’t give two cents about it anyway.
This guy finishes his discussion with 6 weak war attacks saying ‘oh if someone dares to criticize my score’ (for the record, he had a team that was better than most of the alliance members)
Well, here I come, I’m always the guy to put the cat among the pigeons - and also, the guy just started to run on my nerves. I tell him, maybe try to think your attacks through a lil bit better next time.
He tells me to f*** off, I wish him a nice sunny day and the guy leaves couple days later
Good riddance I’d say


I was in a chilled alliance; be active @ your own pace but attack the titan & participate in war. We discussed anything in the chat but rarely politics, we are from different corners of the world. Then a KKK member joined & all hell broke loose, sadly the alliance doesn’t exist anymore.


Yup, sounds like a really unpleasant guy!

Sorry to hear that :frowning: hope all the good ally members found nice new homes after!

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Leader got drunk and kicked everyone who talked with his girlfriend (co-leader).


Lol what happened after that ? Alliance disbanded ?

@BlackZed me and 3 other people left this alliance and created new one together. Since we had contact to these kicked people we invited them. And this is the very alliance I am currently in, we recently hit 1111 days of existence. IDK what happend with rest of the members of our old alliance, but I heard old leader were spreading rumors about us how bad and weak and whatever we are because he was so mad we did coordinated exodus