What's the craziest drama you made/or witnessed in your actual/previous alliances

I was once in a chill alliance until a couple joined in
They were like 2 little birds always nice to us and each others
But one day the girlfriend came in and wrote good morning
Some answered back some didnt
Her boyfriend didnt answer
She logged out
She missed the titan even she was online
She left her 6 war flags unused too
The leader asked why
She answered i will participate again only if my bf apologizes here and in every room chat in every language and section
Which he refused because she spent hours with her ex boyfriend at a party he claims
She denied and called him a paranoid
Then boom the co leader kicked both of them
The leader was angry at the co leader for doing this without her permission and she was going to fix their problem…anyway after the war i left…some others did too…it was like jerry springer show lol


Not really anything in an alliance… But a while back i was searching for a new alliance after taking a break just doing merc’n. So i reached out to a whole mess of teams. I was talking to one leader and i mentioned that i can usually tell if it is a fit… And there are instances where i can tell if it isn’t… And i mentioned that i won’t call people out… But I’ll silently judge them… And then that leader… Salted the ground and said that i was a trouble maker and warned everyone i was in contact with to steer clear. My point is… If you don’t live in reality and claim the world is flat and other crazy crap, then yeah… I don’t want to be around ya… But i guess… I did a poor job of communication that.


You left or you stayed to annoy the leader and push them to go more salty? Lol

That must have been super annoying for everyone else in the guild

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One of my very first alliances was a family run alliance. dad as leader, mum and their two children as co- leaders. One school age son and one school age daughter.
The kids regularly didn’t use their flags, dad shouted at the kids in chat, mum shouted at dad in chat for shouting at her kids. The daughter kept leaving the alliance because dad shouted at her for not attacking the Titan.
After one particular war, the four of them had a full blown argument in chat for everyone to read.
It ended with dad kicking mum, then his son and daughter and then he stopped playing. It was bizarre to say the least …


It was awkward and cring as hell lol

Adams family lol


Why can’t they resolve this outside. Personal matters shouldn’t be thrown into the game. It just makes others think they’re idiot
Also, I would never let my son or daughter (if any) play this game, let alone touch it with a 10 foot pole


Some people are just not that bright
Some like real and virtual drama

really kidding in this case you have to start from the alliance

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act like babies
act like babies

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within the first month of my being promoted to Leader of my alliance, someone (we’ll call her “Domitia”) got upset that i levied the penalty for missing war flags (and also rogue tanking) against her friend (we’ll call her “Lianna”).

i was promoted to leader about a month into my being in this new alliance, which was created from a merger. Domitia got upset that i, a newcomer, dared levy the penalty that all the players agreed to; neither she nor Lianna objected at the time we decided on the rules, and they never really said anything ever up until this point. Domitia also got upset that i, the Leader who was selected by other alliance mates when she never said anything, was made Leader.

on top of some F-bombs, Domitia also complained about me “coming in do whatever they want and we have no say who care how long we been here.”

Domitia continued, “i’ve been loyal for so long for what ? for this disrespect” despite the fact that it was her friend Lianna that was demoted.

more F-bombs, and more “who the F are you” lines hurled at the newbies, the people who came with me in the merger–i guess she didn’t realize a merger took place!

all the while, alliance mates and i are just laughing at the whole spectacle on Line and Discord :rofl: i kicked Domitia, and Lianna comes in saying “how is that fair that you kicked her out and didn’t give her a warning she was only speaking her mind.” speaking her mind while insulting literally everyone involved in chat at the time this is going down. :rofl:

Lianna left of her own accord immediately after.

yes, i kept the screenshots :rofl:


That’s a coup d’etat :joy:

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Having a player video their live birth while hitting the Titan LMAO they were instantly made co-leader


In a previous alliance, our leader had an accident at work. His wife had watched him play more often. So she came into game through his account and let us tell her how to unregister him from the war. Later he came back.
Another short time later, his wife appeared again. He had died.
She appointed a new leader and left the alliance. Then the new leader stopped playing without appointing a successor. The end of the alliance.


I recall some infamous drama where one member of the alliance started scamming his teammates and got them to send them money for some fake sob story. I wasn’t in that alliance but that must have been quite the scene.


I left an alliance full of libs from 2018-2020. I was heavily outnumbered. Everytime there was info on Trump they couldn’t help themselves but get on the chats and bash him. I watched and stayed quiet for 2 years because of loyalty. Then the Hunter laptop stuff came out and I left quietly.


None, I created my own alliance and have about 10 members, we dont say much, only casual players and nothing mandatory. (thats why I created my own in the first place) max level titans are 5 stars but that is okay.


My first ever Alliance, the rule was leave any flags in war and you were kicked. The leaders son was in the alliance and basically never hit the titan and then one day missed war. We lost because of it. I asked what the punishment was and she came at me like I was the bad guy!! After tense words I split., and quite a few of the other members eventually went too.


I read all the stories above and I can’t understand why leaders are so protective of people that don’t log in, don’t hit titans, don’t participate in wars and don’t chat.
Once I was in that alliance that claimed that people matter and anybody can say what they think about alliance rules. I wasn’t very talkative in the beginning, but later I got promoted to “Elder” and I started to sharing my suggestions, advice and so on.
So one day a new player joined us and he appeared to be an old friend of our leaders. Fine, he was OK. He got promoted to a co-leader instantly and he was checking our titan attacks, wars, he was telling us what to do, but in a polite way, so everything was fine. Until one day. He noticed that one member was inactive for like a month and our rules say that inactive players will be kicked out. So he kicked out that member. A few hours later our other co-leaders and elders logged in and the drama started. Why did you kick her out? She’s our friend. Nobody allowed you to kick her out! Er, hello? You promoted him to our co-leader and he was acting according to our rules? That new co-leader explained politely why he did that and I said that I second his decision. Later the co-leader left the alliance, but I stayed. And then I found out that not all poeple matter and no, you can’t say what you think. A couple of elders were just, let’s say “passively mean” to me.
Should we kill this titan or let it go? I don’t know, Sorvina will tell us what to do?
I think we should change our tank in wars, Sorvina will decide which color we should have.
And more of those. So I left and never looked back.