What's the cost of a new avatar?

Sleepyhead, you are very welcome. I hope you found a good place to live and be happy - far away from bigots and populists.


thank you @Samantha7 , I did :slight_smile: and my general happiness has never been better. I wish similar for you; that either the country you are in gets better in terms of governmental policies and political climate, or you are able to move somewhere that also shares your good values!

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Feel like I should defend my home nation a bit here… we are not all bigots and populists :sweat_smile:


you are the best example of not being one @Pr0spero :slight_smile: (I do have many friends and colleagues from there too, who are amazing and open and accepting).

for the record, I did mean more in terms of governmental policies and politics, which I have edited into my post to make it clear. I certainly don’t want to imply anything about the general population, which is full of stellar examples of great people, like you!

And I am very sorry if my earlier reply has made it seem like I think ill of everyone in your country. :frowning:

I admit to having that same bias about my own home country. that is, a large chunk of the population there has displayed awful beliefs to me, so I tend to have a sour taste about it. but I should remind myself of the large chunk of the population who were kind, welcoming and accepting too… just that there were a lot of the awful kind who made living there very uncomfortable.

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Absolutely; I think all countries are similar to an extent. Populism is on the rise, but usually the people who have the least also happen to be the most tolerant.

Liverpool, where I live, is something of an outlier politically, compared to the rest of the UK. We didnt vote for Brexit and we NEVER vote conservative (they barely even run councillors up here because they know its a waste of time). We have even taken to boo-ing the national anthem whenever its played at big events. We also just threw arguably the best Eurovision in decades, which I see as a good sign for tolerance and acceptance.

That whole Rwanda policy is dying on its feet. So far as Im aware they havent managed to send a single person away, and the Tories are a political party in a slow death spiral, so Im hopeful that we never will.

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all great examples of why Liverpool is awesome. that was a really, really, really good Eurovision too :wink: Liverpool is now #1 on my visit list :smiley:

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I went down to the fan park and watched Conchita Wurst perform… what a voice!

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Sleepyhead, i understood you the way you meant. London is okay, people here are from all over the world, but go to small villages and it’s getting ugly. And thinking about Germany, my home country, now a solid liberal country, has the AfD. Mainly in East Germany, but so what? And go back in time…not even hundred years and we had a country full of Nazis. And nowadays? Trump almost managed to turn 200 years of democracy into an authoritarian state
That’s why i think that we should never be kind to homophobes, misogynists - all these bigots in the world…i have no patience for them. They are guilty of too many things…

Sorry ive been ranting. Anyway, i just meant to say; i got you. No need to walk on egg shells with me.

Okay, good luck in the war. Have fun!


Amen to that.

20 Nerfbombs.

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Getting yourself caught in the paradox of tolerance is counterproductive. Intolerance is not to be tolerated.

What is this thread about?!?

What news do you watch in London Samantha?
Judging by this statement:

I think you should taper back your news feed.
At a bare minimum, try to research the other side of a story before jumping to a conclusion.
Journalism is supposed to be boring and void of opinion. Just the facts. Boring old news doesn’t sell tho… it’s better to make people emotional.
Anger is a great way to strike it rich for media.
But if they can scare people… they can buy their own island…

You pivot from Nazi Germany directly to Trump.
And then pivot again from Trump, directly to homophobes, misogynist and bigots.
How tolerant of you…

I don’t know a single person with political right beliefs who are homophobes, misogynists or bigots. Not a single person…
I don’t know many far right. The few I do know are very patriotic. But certainly not hateful, in fact…I prefer their company to the far left. I have some family in Phoenix who are far left. They are very emotional, which is hard to be around. They have great dreams of the future but no actual plan to get there.

Far left…
Far right…

Just where they want us…Like here at the forum:


Take it down a notch, or don’t…
And be the same hateful thing you so despise

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She did provide facts. You refusing to accept facts is your problem.

Which media outlet lost a yuge sum and is on the way to lose even more soon?

Mein Kampf? Very fine people? Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck sort of thing.

20 thousand :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I see:

And I would like to learn more about that!
Otherwise thank you, for your analysis of “my problem”.

What does 20 thousand joy emojis mean?
I don’t get it

thank you @Samantha7 , I appreciate that a lot :slight_smile: good luck and have fun too!

I find this rather hard to believe. And yes, they are present throughout the political spectrum. In my experience the right wing are just more open about it.

Or maybe you mean right as in ‘correct’ …

This is all a rather strange sidetrack from the cost of an avatar though.

Thank you for candor. Maybe that’s what 20,000 joy emojis means?

I live in the country. And political maps don’t lie.
Big cities vote blue, rural areas vote red.

Most of the people I know are farmers and ranchers. Some are black. Some are gay. Some get along and some don’t. Most lean right.

Saying the people I know are bigots… I found that quite offensive. Or maybe… Dyna is suggesting folks on the right are uneducated and don’t know what facts are. I’ve actually studied journalism in military school. And I’m not certain true journalism exists anymore.

I lean right, Because I can’t till my field with an electric car.
And when I get home from work and plug my electric car in, just as the sun sets. A solar panel won’t charge it.
I see big ideals with no plan. And now I’m starting to see many outages because of that. And I just can’t lean towarda black outs. I don’t want to be far right or left.

Not everyone is in a “far” political camp.
Like I said. I know a few. But most…
Just want some boring old fashioned
common sense

Fully agree.
I should have passed on the talk about bigots and what not. But hey… maybe she’ll share where she’s getting her information and I can study it.
I do like to research both sides. And I would really like to know about the ugliness in small villages. Being that small villages… are where I find more relaxed folk as compared to the big cities.

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Dont worry, team… I have 8 of these compasses. SG only charged me £200, a remortgage on my house, and 25% of my soul to buy them.

I’ll tell you what that means…it means exactly what it clearly conveys. Which is way more evident and blatant in rural areas.

Oh sorry, here, I’ll clear it up :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: . 20 thousand of those…couldn’t help but cry from laughter at that piece of your comment.