What's the cost of a new avatar?

GF just beeped me with an eco-friendly mobile game. I can’t name it directly but you can search for “Longleaf” in a “Valley”.

Playing that game gets real trees planted.

I suppose I can offset some of my carbon footprint playing that game a bit daily. :blush:

I am supposed to start playing just now. But am mired in an Indian bazaar (another game) currently. :laughing:

Should be fun enough. GF hasn’t complained yet. Heh heh


Price in indian currency (rupaye or rupee)

:whale::unicorn:…!.. 20 characters oh ny word

My opinion is that if these offers goes well they would prove to everyone that attaching anything else to costume’s new skins were a dumb thing to do.

Personally I wouldn’t buy it for all the useless package it comes with.

I just clicked out of it and only noticed the $99.99 USD. I really did not care what was in it, and why should I if I don’t plan on spending that much?

It’s probably more of a talking point for anyone who spends several hundred to low thousands monthly as a budget where larger deals usually provide better value and the contents in compared to other deals.

But to low / no spenders, no difference. And as mentioned to the buy everything spenders, no difference as well.

Thanks for the tag Sarah! My opinion of this is they had a marketing meeting and realized these “luxury deals” were only focusing on the Play to Win whale. They realizes they have not focused on the collector whale, so here’s a 100 dollar avatar that’s EXCLUSIVE. Sadly all these high priced deals are targeting those that have no restraint and too much extra money.

If they just offered some really cool avatars in the shop for a couple hundred gems, they would make close to as much as these disgusting deals that are like a month’s bill for electricity.


Figure out how much you would need to have invested to make $100/hr 24/7 in interest. It’s not nearly as much as you would think and there’s lots of people with that kind of income… and NOTHING to do.

Probably not on the minds of $GG because they made blunders like this too.

Is this new hero going to be called the Sun Wu Kong, which is basically just the full name for Wu Kong. What is going to happen to the Wu Kong we have now (if any thing)? Or are they going to skate around it and call this new one the Monkey King (e.g. SWK’s alias).


Sleepyhead, Amsterdam was only 1 1/2 hours away from me. i am from Oberhausen, Germany, unfortunately now living in London (Brexit land hence unfortunately), but i never saw a hotel where 2 could spend a night for hundred Euros or Gulden. I mean hotels galore, but at that price…i am really curious. Amsterdam is my favourite city, so I’d be really grateful for a hotel tip.

As for the offer: i only pay for summons, so im not bothered either way. I can’t imagine anyone buying it, but if they do, hope it’s a good deal for them. For me: out of my financial league.

@sleepyhead: you have to share where this island and the meal are because my partner and I found Amsterdam to be more expensive than Chicago.

And we can’t even get any single item you described for $100 in Chicago!

On edit: just saw your later post! THANKS! Definitely will try to visit when we’re next in Amsterdam.

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@Kaerlighed69 Chicago is crazy expensive I see

https://vuurtoreneiland.nl/ here you go

it should be 100 EUR for one person, the boat ride / 6 course menu /island entrance fee

hi @Samantha7 , apologies, I saw your comment late. I do qualify that the prices I mentioned are hundred Euros each - I also apologize if my earlier comment was misleading, and I have edited it to be clear. (I thought it fair to compare prices per person to the avatar deal, as one person would buy one deal - so if I were to compare to a hotel stay, I would compare the price each of us would have to pay).

We were able to get an overnight stay in the Hilton in 2021 for 85 EUR each (I believe that already included breakfast; I’ve tried to check but my Hilton app does not store bookings more than a year old). It is certainly not their normal price. We found this deal by using booking.com, then booked directly at the HIlton website. (We chose the Apollolaan location, which is near the Museumplein).

If you search and book in advance, you should be able to find even 4-star hotels where you can stay for 70-90 EUR a head. Some hotels that I see pop up a lot include Leonardo Boutique Hotel Amsterdam, and for 3-stars Hotel de Looier, Ciao Papa Hotel, Hotel Library Amsterdam have a good balance between price and location.

If you are willing to stay farther from the center, and take the train/tram into the center, prices are much more reasonable in Oud-West, Sloterdijk or Ijburg neighborhoods.

it really can be an expensive city! My husband and I usually in 3* hotels as that is already fancy for us :slight_smile:

Wishing you some good trips to Amsterdam in the future!


Thank you, Sleepyhead i was looking for this post, but forgot the title of the thread. If you dont mind i take a screenshot cause there’s so much valuable info. Many years ago, my former partner and i went to the Hilton in …
(forgot name) - nice city about 20 mins from Amsterdam. So we went there, spending a day by the sea, then to Amsterdam and back and forth. I loved it. Got good weed (and other goodies) and consumed it by the sea…
…gosh, i love Amsterdam. Btw Germany is liberalising its drug laws, so an ounce is free. And im stuck in the UK with its idiot Brexit and no liberalisation of anything ;((.

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Im in Liverpool… we get lots of things “liberally” if you know where to look :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Samantha7 thank you for asking, and please! Glad you find it valuable and hope it leads to a nice vacation for you both :slight_smile:

Good to hear that Germany at least is liberalising… here’s hoping one day the UK will follow too :slight_smile:

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Thanks Sleepyhead
Unfortunately the UK follows slavishly everything bad that the US throws out. Look at immigration. …they are sendìng immigrants to Rwanda! Yeah, exactly what often scared and abused people need! I can’t find words to describe how i hate this country.

But thanks to your news, we’ll be able to take a little trip to Amsterdam. Best wishes to you and your partner.


thank you @Samantha7 , and best wishes to you both as well :slight_smile:

for a good deal, Coffeshop Gelderse (5 minutes walk from Amsterdam Central Station) had a 3-for-10 EUR deal (3 pre-rolled). not sure if they’ve raised their prices a bit by now (I tried to Google but could not find their menu!), but even if they have it should still be a better deal than most!

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Sleepyhead, sounds great. I am vaping, so buying cigarettes is very expensive plus, my rolled ones look like sh*t. Lol. So 3 for 10 is fair. An euro or 2 more, is also fine. Thanks again, Sleepyhead.

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PS I did want to say thank you @Samantha7 for your empathy and compassion. I am an immigrant myself, and like many I immigrated for personal freedom… I find it a shame that people who have tried so hard to leave their home countries with poor conditions are not given more of an opportunity to start new lives. thank you for caring!